The progression catalyst.

First of all im terribly sorry for being a lazy dufus and not publishing anything for the last few days (or week). Im appearing for my second year finals and till now they are turning out to be just fine. One more theory paper to go and six practicals. I shall be free and yours, by 11th 😀

A few days ago a friend of mine and I were randomly chatting about life and about things this and that. He is a blogger too and I met him via this blog itself. He had some issues and I merely quoted something philosophical, albiet sensible, to him. I didn’t know it was that profound when I said it. I had just stated the obvious.
Yknow how something just strikes a chord within? Especially when a stranger who doesn’t know you, says it? I think that’s what happened to him and he kinda got over his inhibitions. Its easy to be a stranger because their is no judgement involved.

This isn’t the first time this has happened with me. I’ve often acted as a catalyst in the lives of many of my friends. Sometimes, it is just that extra nudge that you need to put sense into your head. You know what is right, you just need a guide with you, to hold your hand through it.
Be it sending my best friend to Lady Shri Ram Delhi and changing her life for good, or helping a very good friend get into her preferred stream in college or making someone realise that dental isn’t as bad as people make it look, I have changed each of their lives in some way.

And I haven’t done it with any motive. I just want this place to be filled with better people.

In life, we often times look for inspiriation and tend to find it in the most unexpected of places with the most unexpected people. And it is pleasant, to see and learn that your problem isn’t as great as you think it to be.

Recently, I have been fretting about this one girl in college who seems to threaten my rank. Yes, I am very competitive. I kept talking about plans to harm her and kill her and whatnot just to calm myself down. Kidding. My room mate thought I was growing paranoid. I wasn’t. I was merely being protective. I was trying to justify to myself that she isn’t as good as I am. But that’s where I went wrong. I shouldn’t have tried to justify that. Because by doing so I’m putting her down while I remained stagnant.

Then it hit me. She is good. Very good. But I am better. And thus, I raised myself and my potential. And now, it doesn’t matter. Because I strive for progress, not perfection.


I strive to grow, alone and strong and not put others down. Underestimating is the key to failure. One mustnt underestimate the self or the others. Grow. Grow till you can feel the cells dividing. Grow so much and be so fierce in your growth that you know for sure that success is yours.

And remember, that once you begin to progress, perfection will not matter because progress is usually preceded by the very perfection you are craving. Nature has way of balancing everything out. Trust in your abilities and have faith on God. Yes, God.
And take care.

-forever motivated.


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