The kind of man I want.

The usual handsome, intelligent, funny, witty, rich categories stand true for every girl. It is different issue, how many actually get the man whofulfils the aforementioned criteria.

I look for certain things, certain qualities in men and I realised this when I found myself thinking about something totally opposite- thebkind of women I don’t prefer. That being said, how should he be?
Physically: he shouldn’t be buffed up. I find men with extreme built to resemble an inverted cone and no brains. Yes, I generalise but somehow I’d like a boyfriend and not a wrestler/ boxer. But if Vjiendar comes over to me I wouldn’t mind. Oh what looks! He should be fit and lean. Anyway. The men I find myself attracted to have good hair. By that, I mean hair which is straight and slightly brown. And it flops on their forhead while they are concentrating on work and it keeps annoying them but they’d never let go of it.
He should have a gait. No, he shouldn’t walk like a girl or walk extra fast. He shouldne take tiny steps or take gigantic leaps. He should walk with an air of confidence around them and a gait that shows how much of a man he is.
When he holds my hand or when he shakes hands with me, the grip should be firm. Not hard or hurting but firm.
He should be taller than me. The height of a man is a big brwnie point but..but he should be a giant. 6 feet is where I draw my line. And must not have thin bony legs with lot of hair.

Appearance: I don’t like hippies or guys with swag. Come on. Swag is for kids, for those who have an identity crisis. You are a man and so, you should dress like one. He should wear shirts and shorts alike and he must know how to carry them off. He should know what he likes and dislikes so that I can purchase things for him accordingly. He should not wear purple with yellow. Purple is my favourite and so is red.
He should have clean, neatly cut nails on both his fingers and toes. His feet shouldn’t be filthy. He shouldn’t be dirty. Bathing is important, however useless it is in the end of the day. He should have clean bathroom habits. His hair should be nicely cut to suit however his face is. I like short hair but he may grow it and pretend to like a buffoon for a while.

Spirituality: He shouldn’t be a bhakt. I have nothing against it but somehow, religion and I don’t gel. He can pray and believe in his God. Ofcourse, it is his choice but he shouldn’t make me pray with him. Sometimes, sure. Not all the time.

Food: He has to be a non vegetarian. If not, he has to let me be one. I’d love it if he is one cuz that way we can travel around the globe and eat weird food! If he’s a vegetarian, I’d eat what he likes too, along with chicken and eggs πŸ™‚

Hobbies: He should have one passion in life. He has to be into something other than work. And he must read books. Reading is an essential criteria not just for men but for human beings as a whole. And when I do write something he should understand it. I communicate best in English so his English must be good. And that is the only reason I harp upon this fact so often. Communication I essential. So it is either Bengali or English. Also, music. The choice in music has to similar. He can listen to all the metal and grunge rock he wants to but I must be able to listen to my blues and kishore kumars as well on the Bose.

He must love babies. Like, he must absolutely adore them. Not because I want them for myself nut because how in the world can you not like babies? I run towards any random kid on the road and cuddle it. He must share this. Must. Must. Absolutely must. He should also be good with them!
And he has to have his career in top priority and he should keep mine in there, with his tip priority as well because my career is as essential as anybody else’s.

And then there are the miscellaneous brownie points which accounts for the individual differences. In the end, he should make me the centre of his world and I will make him the centre of my universe.


This is my idea of the perfect looking man. *drools*

-feel the love!


9 thoughts on “The kind of man I want.

  1. Wowie…very very interesting I must say. And its does look like the “perfect” matrimonial ad from your side… πŸ˜‰
    I think I fit quite a lot in the criterion that you’ve put up though i lack off in the height bit… hehehehehehe… πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    • Haha. Thanks. But wouldn’t be incorrect to let everyone get misguided by the fact that this is the absolute of what I want? I wouldn’t mind changes but yes..these are the guidelines.

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