As I walked down from my building and onto the maze of pavemented alleys that lead to the main exit of the colony, I realised something astonishing. I was headed to the friendly neighbourhood store to buy some brown bread. I have been studying quite a lot for my upcoming final exams and a sandwich has become my best friend and the patent evening snack. No no, it is amazing, the number of variations you can manufacture with two slices of bread, some cheese and salad. Or maybe the peanut butter and nutella variation?

Anyway. That wasn’t the epiphany I was talking about in the beginning. What I realised was, that while I walked the distance from my elevator till the main gate I crossed the path of a few individuals and a few groups and as I passed them, my mind went into it’s usual ‘categorizing’ mode and then, day dreaming. 6 mins and 38 seconds of a journey..yes I timed myself.

The first two people I came across were housewives. Aunty, as I called them if I ever needed to get their attention. Its funny really. In a crowded hall full of the so-called aunties, when you want to call out to just one, you say the same old aunty and exactly that one will turn around and look at you. Its as if they gain some secret wisdom on becoming an aunty to know when they are being referred to.
So these two aunties weren’t one of my favourites in the colony. I dint know one of them and the other one was just not my kinda person. Don’t get me wrong..they both cook amazing food but bleh, I don’t really care about the food as long I have my grand mom XD

Then I met a friend of mine. Actually, the sister of a friend of mine so technically a friend of mine as well. She’s super witty. She wears shorts. You’ll know why I said this later. We said hello. I categorised into ‘like’ and moved on. Oh and I tried to scare her by saying Bow but that was a major fail.

Then when I walked a bit more, inching towards the main gate I came across a girl who we all know unlIke thw two aunties. Hmm. She, clad in the shortest of shorts and a black tee, said hello to me and I returned the gesture by smiling wide. I wondered when I’d be able to wear shorts which are shorter than ever. The closest I’ve gotten to wearing tiny shorts was when I went to watch The Avengers and I met this school friend of mine who almost reprimanded me for wearing them. In his words, he was scandalized. I wonder what he would feel if he saw her 😛


that’s me in them shorts. hmm.

So this girl went off waltzing away with her open hair and I drifted off into thinking how I’d be behaving if I left my hair open in the heat and humidity. I saluted her in my mind for carrying it off. Hell I tie my hair in parties as well. No wonder she has a boyfriend and I don’t. That is the secret! 😛

Next up. I reached the gate. And saw brother-sister waiting, probably for a bus or a rickshaw. I said Hey to the ‘bro’ but he didn’t acknowledge it. I felt annoyed. He was growing fatter by the day. How dare he ignore me? I crossed the road and I heard ‘sis’ call out to me. At least I think she called out. I didn’t turn back around because there were cars coming at me from all around and I was holding on to my dear life. Crossing roads is a talent that one has to fine tune with age and time. These two were suddenly categorized into the how dare they ignore me category.

Following that I said hello to the Saha brothers’ shop and purchased brown bread, two batteries and three packets of little hearts. Dont you just love them sugary buttery delights?


I crossed the road and reached the colony again. This time I noticed a group of old aunties. A very large group. This is basically the older version of the ones I met in the first paragraph, only, they were less busy and their kids were way better off right now then we are. I dint feel like categorizing them owing to the fact that I did not know them. And the fact that they might just cook me good food. Highly unlikely but still.

I went into my building. Saw the security guard. Nodded. Classified as ‘work’. Went into the elevator and came home. I saw mamma. Categorized into family. And then made my sandwich, ate it and started studying again.
And I realised I had to blog this.

I have wayyy too many folders and classes in my head.

-stay tangled. “;,::,@,,”-”’@*#
(That’s a failed attempt at drawing a tangled wire)


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