Hakuna Matata

Carpe diem is too old fashioned and Yolo is just stupid. I read the above on facebook and thought ‘Wow this is so true.’ Is it not?

You are the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be

Do what you want now. Today is the day. Stop cashing in on your future. Stop trying to run away from what you could do now by stating that you are working to secure your future. Because, what you have now will never return. What you are today, who you are today will change. Change is inevitable and so is growing up..so stop denying yourself the tiny pleasures and do them! Stop waiting for a divine intervention.
Want to ride a bike? Do it.
Want to kiss a boy? Ask him.
Want to take a leave and go travelling? Book your tickets.

Do this once in a while and you will feel relieved. Trust me, being spontaneous has its rewards. The little things..the little moments? They aren’t little. Every small event makes you who you are.

Remember, nothing extra ordinary has come from waiting on the future. Do!
So, what have YOU done today?



2 thoughts on “Hakuna Matata

  1. a very interesting blog !
    I’ve read quite a few articles and liked it quite a bit
    it’s very witty & well phrased
    keep it up !

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