Is it not super weird that just when you are going to sleep, the clock starts to tick louder? I am awake now. The room is as quiet as it would be if I had my lights out and was planning to sleep. YET, the damn clock keeps reminding me of the time passing by.


I was trying to sleep the other night, and an honest effort at that. The moment I was close to getting that heavy feeling over my eyes the door moved. It is the monsoon here, in West Bengal, so the door gets a mind of its own. I had clumsily forgotten to lock it while sleep-walking into my room after a pee break from studies. Sigh, small things punish you and you know not when. Anyhow, I tried to ignore it. But it happened again. And then i tried to ignore it again. But it kept happening. Then, I felt my ear grow. No, like literally g-r-o-w. And the little pointy end of it bent towards the door, focussing all my latent concentration into the creaking noise my door made.

It is freakishly crazy, how much of concentration i put in that night on the ajar door. I actually got so tired of waiting for the next sound to just appear out of nowhere is that I slept.
But woke up. Again. and then I was cranky because I really wanted to sleep but could not ’cause the sound kept magnifying itself, aside for just being random and rhythm-less. And then it rained. WOW- more noise. And there was lightning. WOW- MORE LIGHT TOO! My night just got made. Not. I tried counting sheep but my sheep turned Rainbow coloured and started jumping over trees instead of fences and I got interested rather than sleepy. Then, that sound creaked again and my ears became all dog-eared (correct use? 😛 ) and I concentrated on the sound again. And felt tired of waiting. And then, I finally slept…and kept waking up, but slept nonetheless.

Anyway, gotta sleep now too. Or try to. The random, intermittent sounds with no fixed patter are all the more frustrating…like the water dripping from the tap your plumber is not fixing. Just a thought. Happy ‘not’ concentrating.

Sigh, here’s to a good night’s sleep. Cheers!


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