Thank YOU!

I usually update my blog via the phone and the WordPress app on android is WAY better than that on Symbian. I decided to check my Stats today and was mighty surprised!
I thank you, truly. I got likes on my Facebook page from people I do not know, and that is surely a positive step. the word is spreading. More the people, higher is the interaction and better will be my posts.

Thats the way the cookie crumbles!

Thanks you Romania, for viewing my page more than my home country! That is something really unusual for me, given that my blog does tend to centre around country-specific issues at times. And the rest of the times, they are girl blabbers and philosophy lectures. I am guessing you all like it, cuz in the last 3 weeks I have got a thousand hits (and I am not kidding). Thousand maybe a small number for all the pro-bloggers out there, but for me it is H-U-G-E 😀

And Philippines? I know where that came from. Thanks Katrina. (:

This blog has not only help get through a break up and a patch up, it has connected me to some beautiful people and I have made some very thick friends. it fetched me my job with Lucideus Tech and even got my mother into reading what i write regularly. It acted as a conversation starter with my father and got me praises from the world over. Thank you. From the core of my heart.

Keep sending me the love. I surely do love you.

-stay tangled



11 thoughts on “Thank YOU!

  1. Some say that this list is an error.

    Okay, How many stars are there in the galaxy? You would say infinite. Why? cuz you believe in the ‘facts’. I say there are a countable number, however large.
    You believe in uncorrected facts yet have to justify a WordPress error?

    You believe in your truth and I believe in mine.

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! It’s a shame to get only that much views, because honey, you deserve 10x more. But hey, it’s a start, right? Good luck on your beautiful blog! Much love. xx

      • One thing you should know, I’m a big ass virtual stalker. Its more like “stalk for the better of man kind” way.

        I was just about writing the third in the series of my blog post, when I realized a sudden spike in my blog traffic. The fact that the third in the series, has the same title as you [Talking about Hypocrite Diaries]. I googled it a couple of times in the last two days, and we share the first page. It got me to that picture you uploaded, from there to your Facebook page, to your profile and then back to your blog.

        Yes, its a freaky habit that I have.

        I’ve had 400 views in the last 3 days simply because of The Hypocrite Diaries.

      • Yes i noted that too. The spike happened on the day i posted that particular blog post. And it is still going strong. I also saw the number of link backs from Google had increased with that post..

        By the way. Virual stalking has become a habit for everyone. Trust me when i say this cuz i was looking for a Khushrav on Facebook moments after i read your blog. :pThe Hypocrite diaries seem to make everyone famous. Good for us.

      • Oh you don’t know what big a reprieve that is! I know how off-putting I come out as, when I mention about my stalking, even to some close friends. I consider this as research, letting the person’s likes and dislikes explain how or who he/she is. And yeh, I’ve got plenty other topics to fit into my Hypocrite Diaries series. And living where we are, such topics aren’t to end quickly as yet.

      • Even if people don’t accept it..they stalk. So you can pretend to just ignore the judging your closest friends have subjected you to!

        Oh well. Find me on Facebook. Add me.

      • With your profile facing before me,
        To add you I try my best.
        But I am that perfect stranger,
        Who’s denied the friend request.

        Scratching my head for quite a while,
        The solution I’m not getting,
        Hopefully due to your tweaks,
        You can change your Privacy setting.

      • Or.. i could send you a friend request. Hmm.

        Are you Metalhead? If yes, then why? Haha kidding. Gimme your link. I will unapprove that comment so that it doesn’t show out here.

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