The Hypocrite Diaries.


True innit?


17 thoughts on “The Hypocrite Diaries.

    • You have a lot to learn, sweetheart. For feminists, all men are a work-in-progress. Most end their lives as lonely spinsters/ bitter wives or divorcees. Also many are bad in bed 🙂

  1. Dude, it doesn’t mean woman don’t like men til they get married, it means as soon as the man marries you he longer cares about women’s rights , so to speak

    • Hey it’s just a picture i found online and tend to agree with. Each is entitled to his or her own opinion right?
      And as far as men not respecting women’s rights..well a man doesn’t really change after marriage. If he does respect rights, he will always do so irrespective of the situation he is in..and if he doesn’t respect them then he never will.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  2. I agree with this post. I was the feminist, and now I willingly heat my husband up dinner and bring it to him (everyday) even though he can do it himself. That’s just one little thing I’d never thought I’d do,

      • Hey Pooja 🙂
        Thanks for dropping by and reading this.
        Feminism is something that, according to, is very personal and has personal reasons attached to it. It stems from something deep seated and then grows.

        And my husbad shall know me and my beliefs before we commit, right. So no, it won’t be a favour.

        Also. Yes, explanations are unnecessary. You strike me as a wonderful person!

  3. From my point of view, the feminist line has nothing to do with men, but everything to do with the way women view themselves and their bodies. Once married, many women CHOOSE to think less selfishly about themselves and more about, say, their unborn babies. And if the men are wise, so do they! Life is better when you are more compassionate about others and think less about yourself!

  4. Communist until you get rich: A love of communism indicates an intellectual capacity and openness that is essential in a learning mind. Communism is a powerful critique of status quo affairs, and to overcome its message requires substantial education. This education leads you to riches.

    Feminist until you get married: Many scholars on feminism (Tickner, Cuomo) would argue that although traditional civil rights agitation is an important part of feminism, just as (if not more) important is the discursive quest. In other words, feminism now operates through movements that aim to change the way society thinks, not works. (See campaigns against rape culture, heteronormativity, body image, etc.) You only marry someone you love, meaning that you marry someone who is consistent with the world you’d like to live in (i.e. not a bigot from the feminist perspective). Therefore, when you marry, you become less involved in feminism because your world becomes consistent with the world you’d like to live in. (Legislatively, I’d contest the notion that marriage saps participation– my mom still donates to activist groups.)

    Atheist until the airplane starts falling: I am assuming you are a passenger here. As a passenger, you are probably helpless– nothing you can physically do can stop the aircraft’s descent. However, it is very much in your interest to do something. Since there is nothing you can do in the physical realm, you resort to the spiritual. This is not a product of a problem with the atheist perspective, but merely a product of not having anything else to try. Also, I’d dispute that a true atheist would pray when confronted with hopelessness. Christopher Hitchens wrote a book called “Mortality” which deals with this exact scenario of an atheist facing certain death. The book is quite moving, but doesn’t end with him recanting his (lack of) faith.

  5. I don’t understand communism, so I don’t care. I disapprove of feminism, so I don’t care. I respect people’s choices regarding religion, so I don’t care.

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