Dr. Phil

Have you ever broken any china? Noticed how it shatters into smithereens just a micro-second after it hits the concrete floor?
Have you ever tried to fix that broken china? I have. With feviquick and superglue. And i felt like a toddler trying to solve a really hard puzzle. And when i finally managed to glue all the tiny parts together, i felt proud of the achievement and the fine deception of cracks that i managed. Wont you feel proud of yourself?

Now look at it this way- it is easier to glue the larger pieces together right? The smaller the chip, the harder it gets to find the right spot. When will a glass sheet or white-clay in this matter, break into really large pieces? Probably when it itself is pretty large.

It is common sense. A large thing will end up breaking into relatively larger parts than a small thing. Large things are easier to fix. Large things are also more difficult to break.

So. Make your heart a large one. Be big hearted. Give. Laugh loudly. Take. Snort. Sleep well. Eat cheese. Make your heart so big, that small events fail to puncture it. Make it so large that it assimilates all the sadness and then burps it out. And even if it does manage to wound itself and break once ina while, it will be easier to find the pieces and put them back together. A big heart heals quicker. A big heart hurts lesser.
Love people. Love yourself. Then, all the happiness will be yours in a heart beat 🙂

Look at the pretty things in life. Look at the butterflies (are they still there or have they become extinct?). Smell the flowers. Sleep under a starry sky. I know that these are all cliches but they are cliches for a reason…they work. Be crazy. But be big. Be magnanimous. Be all of this so that you are safe and so that you dont get hurt. Always think about yourself first. This isn’t being selfish. This is merely called ‘taking care’.

So. Found any butterflies? I love those creatures.



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