I live in a small town right now, courtesy college. Okay, big town but town, nonetheless. I think twice before wearing jeans and wandering there. Why should I? Why can I not wear Jeans or three-quarters comfortably in a town where guys roam around semi-naked wrapping their privates in flimsy gamchhas?
I am not even asking to wear shorts. Oh no. That would surely equal r-a-p-e.


It could just be me. Or you. Or her. Or any of us. I try to act cool and joke about it. I try to pretend like it won’t happen with me but the truth is, that it might as well have already happened. A single girl being raped equals a rape of all of the female fraternity. No, this is not done and no matter how many times it is emphasized on the social networking sites, this matter will not end if facts do not enter the thick skulls of men.

Yes, I generalized. I said men as a whole because men treat women in the collective sense of the term. Of course all men aren’t the same and I myself know hundred males who behave like humans. Bu the hundred and first male is always there, just waiting to break the trust. Someone is always there. Always. Lurking.


I live in the fear of being given this punishment by some adrenaline pumped guy just because ‘he felt like it’. I feel scared of saying ‘no’ to a guys proposal because he might just do something which I would fail to prevent. Or erase. Or forget.

Not just that…a guy does not have to go all the way to make a girl feel ‘touched’ and I do not mean touched emotionally. Groping a girl or ogling at her will not make her like you any more (or less). Take her permission. Ask her. Respect her. That’s the way to go.

This is not a gender power-play. You cannot ‘assume’ that you can make us do what you want. You cannot mis-treat women because you are men.You cannot simply, rape us.


The more I say it, the more stupid I feel. Why am I writing this? Will those men read this? I have seen how guys discuss women and by guys I mean men from well-educated backgrounds and families. It is simply disgusting and it makes me want to vomit, the fact that I know such guys. This mentality is the seed for all the vengeance that they harbor. They keep count of the number of girls that they have ‘done’ and they assess a girls qualities by the size of her breasts. What are we- dolls that you will play with? I witnessed a boy go up to a girl and ask her why she wears clothes that cover everything. Imagine his audacity. The answer my friend (sadly), is you. Men like you make our parents teach us to dress well. And by ‘well’ they don’t mean what makes us comfortable; they mean what makes you less animalistic. Why should it be this way? Why can your parents not teach you to look at us with respect?
Why can’t you listen to your folks when they tell you to ‘ask’ a girl out? Why can you not let us believe that we are safe…that the roads as much ours as they are yours after the sun sets? Why do we have to quicken our steps in a ‘bad neighbourhood’? Why does there have to be a bad neighbourhood?


If a girl bends in front of you to pick up a piece of paper, she was not provoking you. No, she does not want to entice you. All she wanted to do was to pick up that piece of paper…she did not want you to mind-rape her. She surely did not want you and your friends to gang rape her in the alley near her hostel. No, she did not want to be killed.


I am not safe, and neither are you. And this fact will not change. Accept it.
But don’t stop questioning it.
WHY can it NEVER be safe?


(all images and posters are from GotStared.At. search them on facebook and follow them. spread the word. that might just help)

7 thoughts on “G-raped.

    • That is what the poster underneath the paragraph says. A few rotten apples spoil the basket.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂
      Oh. Btw the incidents leave no choice but to doubt every man. Self defence you see.

      • While I am a huge supporter of the (so-called) feminist movement, I find the militant feminism a little off-putting. It is just another face of the same evil that you speak against.

      • Ha, so called? The need for such a movement began primarily because of the Patriarchy that sadly, still surrounds us. It isnt so-called Pranab; it is very real. And nothing is militant. See, when you start blowing into a balloon it fills up brilliantly, then the tensino develops, then it reaches a break point and then- it bursts. If you know where to stop, then nothing would burst…and i am not referreing to balloons here!

    • Pranab, I do not think you could handle actual bra-burning on-the-streets feminism, which India hasnt even seen.
      On a related note, I find alpha-male approach very offputting. It makes me feel like a child, which I assure you I am not.
      What does that tell you?
      We are different people, with different likes.
      It doesnt matter, however, If you or I like something. What we need to realize like rational adults is, that we have equal rights to coexist. Safely. Despite difference in opinion.
      Both of you should go through this article:

      p.s. I would agree on the premise that extreme feminism is sexist.

  1. Yeah. For those men who want a freer society wherein one can just go up to a girl and ask her out: DON’T RAPE THEM THEN MORON!

    Even a mental comment that classifies a girl because of what she wears is the road to rape. The ‘shoulds’ create the hoods. No shoulds. No rape.

    • Eaxctly what I meant. Even one thought of doing something AGAINST her will is incorrect. It is simple, if you are a gentalman, she will not say no. However, if you are a genitalman, the story is totally different.

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