Kya India Badhega?

We all shout out loud and walk in the morchas to support development and what not. We support the advancement of women, fight for the rights of homosexuals, watch Satyameva Jayate and feel indebted to a country that has given us literally everything we have and has made us everhthing we are. Yet, we criticise it and look at the flaws with magnifying glasses.
It is correctly said, criticism is the strongest test of democracy. We go on about how Calcutta has no ‘life’ and how Delhi is the ‘it’ city. We compare Mumbai to the world and always want to run from the place that we owe everything to. No dont get me wrong, i too am a part of this rat race..

But what is development? A few days back when i was following the Euro2012, i had an argument with someone online. The argument was fine..he was laughing at me cuz Germany lost. Epic sadness.. But what ticked me off more was that he had incorrect grammar. I am no Shakespear but i know what to say when, most of the time.
Not just him, even my school is famous for the ‘maam he said to me’ and other such vocal typos. We, despite being from the most elite school of Calcutta, (yes i am taking creative liberty) do not know simple English. And i said WE which does include me. Then on the other side we have the winner of Horlicks WizKids..not once but twice..from our school. Ironic?

Yesterday when i was walking towards my room i saw a man. Nothing major in seeing a man..only that he took Metrosexual to another level.
Why? He was carrying a shocking pink bag with ‘Barbie’ written on it through and through. Barbie? Seriously? And he travels with me in the bus and i see him carrying that bag every weekend now.
I know that i should not compare the growth of Calcutta to that of barddhaman but then why should just one city of a state show ‘apparent’ growth?
I still cannot get over his bag. Not yet.

And as i have mentioned before, i fail to decipher the incessant need to mate and copulate. Everyone has to have a girlfriend and then sit under trees or bushes or any other flat surface availabe to them which is slightly covered and snog. Snog Snog snoggggg.

Ever visited Victoria at dawn? Now multiply that by 50 and that is Krishna Sayar Park in my current town. And if people find it okay to make out in a heritage site like Victoria then i have nothing more to say in their favour or against. To ask them to get a room would be an understated request..

If development is what we are aiming for then why are we mistaking it for Money? Shouldnt money be a means to get development and not the definition of it?

Think about it. Incorrect languages (no, even our Hindi or Bengali is not completely correct) and mistaken sexuality..insatiable dating and a serious lack of space. Developed?

Grammar is hot.
Pink is hot too..but sadly people interpret it otherwise.
And please, Get. A. Room.



I took this from my phone so big shout-out to the phone 😀


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