Angel; Devil? Gossip Girl.

I have had a myriad of thoughts for this posts. It is like my mind whizzes through ideas and decides to jump from one amazing concept to another. Gosh.

A few of them are:

  • To write a synopsis of the IIFA awards. but then, it will be out in the papers tomorrow and as usual, the supplement is the first thing I read (after the first page cuz that is literally thrust into my face). So that idea is scratched. Besides, I did not like it enough to write about it.
  • To write about exams.
  • To sleep.
  • To watch Gossip Girl, not write this post at all and ogle at Chuck Bass.
I’m Chuck Bass. Your argument is invalid.

I had more but I forgot. does this happen to you as well? do you have short-term memory loss too? I keep forgetting stuff. I walk into the bathroom without my towel.

(wait important phone call. I will forget what I thought AGAIN)

And as predicted, I have forgotten. Woohoo! -__-
Anyway, I think I should go back to watching Gossip Girl and continue my preparations to being a bitch and what not. Poor Serena gets  all the trouble. HAHA.

I am a very nice person. I called my bff’s roomie. First step. AGAIN. Will this lead to the friendship again? Kehte hai na, ek baar gaanth par jaye toh hatana mushkil hai. So I feel my angel halo glowing right now. I don’t know what good will come out of that one fateful phone call. I am weirded out by the fact that I might have to talk to her again.
You ever felt that way, the kind where you forget how it was talking to someone because you haven’t spoken to them in ages? I get that feeling SO often these days courtesy texting and im-ing, phone calls have become a thing of the past.

See now that is why I need to watch (and learn from) GG. Being a bitch becomes essential in college. Why?

  • To save your file work from being xeroxed and plastered onto every other file in the universe
  • To save your spot on the benches near the AC
  • To get the best parking space so that the cycle seat doesn’t get all hot.
  • To get into the bathroom on time (while it is clean).
    To mention just a few. Oh, and to prevent dirty almost-nude pictures of yourself and your girls from going online! That’d be ghastly.
  • From kicking your ego aside again and again to remain friends with your friends.
  • To hide behind walls when the professor looks for you to do a project. (bitches know where to hide and how, and in style)

Anyhoo, I shall bid adieu now. *i wonder if gorgeous yummy men will flock to the Serenas of the world*



2 thoughts on “Angel; Devil? Gossip Girl.

  1. So you havent stayed in her house for that long huh? The term roomie doesnt apply just to hostels and pgs yOU know.

    Anyway. Thanks for your hostility. It made things easier for me. Bye.

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