So. I had a bad day or two. But whenever I have been having a bad day and someone asks me ‘Hey Sweta how are you?’ I have a standard answer- ‘Not good, but ask me again tomorrow :)’. And this usually works. A nights sleep and some coffee and conversations, particularly with my mother, cheer me up and do that for a sufficient span of time.

I have therefore, returned to my previous ‘bubbly character’ and am determined to keep this up. College will go on, friends will change. Well, so does the weather, right?

I am in burdwan now and i was terriblly upset in the morning while leaving.. but when i returned to burdwan i was given the good news of my roomie not shifting into hostel cuz the conditions are un-liveable!! And then i showed her my phone, and she and i jumped like kids while exploring the features. Then we walked back to college and stopped to eat puchka. Btw, try the Italian capuccino flavoured ice cream that Cream Bell offers and while you’re at it try the Sacchi aam as well.. it is way better than the Kwality walls’ fruttare.
I saw her laugh and i forgot all about being sad. NOW dyu understand why she means so much to me?!


After that we tied up a friends bag to the college gate and ran as fast as we could. Er, cycled not ran. Haha. Today was a fun day in college. Weather was great and company was even better!

Then i met this realllllllly senior dentist friend of mine. Dada, really and he’s been blessed with a son. The son is so cute!! And their puppy dog has grown majestic like any other German shephard. Loved to be a part of their joy and i forgot about my temporary miseries.

I am happy with where i am. Come on, university rank holder, college topper, why the hell should i be upset? I have far outnumbered the downs in my life by the ups. I am happy because i deserve to be. Everyone has gloomy days and the gloomy ones make u realise the worth of your sunshine-y ones. 😀

And in other news, my final exams are knocking on the door. Need to buckle up and study study study. Kyuki 3rd year mein party party paaarrttyyyy!!

Oh. So my roomie and i made mac pasta today.



8 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. When you feel sad ,motivate by saying by “i am in the process of joining a good institution/i am in the oriocess of earning great bucks/i am in the process of getting the top rank …
    You will see you are already feeling happy.Focus on what you want and not what you do not have.Your focus warms the focal point ,that is your desire and it expands…
    Visualise some good images,smell imaginary fragrances,rename tangy songs with sad ones and play them..So when u play ‘mera jeevan kora kakaz’ actually ur cell will play ‘yahooo,koi muzhe jangli kahe’…ur mood will return back to the WOOSH stage.Say WOOSH and throw your fist high up in the air…tangled wires will not hit you back.

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