106. The phone.

The laptop is open, right in front of me but i’ve challenged myself to type out one post from my new phone with an extra sensitive qwerty keypad. What better than to write a review of this very phone? The phone, my dear readers is a Samsung galaxy S III. 😀
I am no tech guru so this shall not have mumbo jumbo. It ‘ll be from my viewpoint about what the phone has or lacks (Haha)
So. I shall start with the pros. First things first, it is android run. That itself makes the phone a hundred times better than most phones available. I was a Nokia user earlier and all the 3 phones i had were Nokia. I won’t complain about the phones i had but this one is definitely better.
Also, the display of the phone is superb. The images i took with my dslr look alive on its screen than on my laptop!
The Motion options are mind-boggling and had more hooked for more than an hour. The touch and pan, shake to search, tilt to zoom, tap to scroll and ripple effects are amazing. Yes, small things impress me.
I’m using the wordpress app and out works better here than on the other Samsung i had used some time back. Anyway, for more pluses you must visit the Samsung website.

Now for the cons.
The screen albeit wonderful is a tad too large. Just a few mm smaller or so from all sides would have made the phone easier to hold. I put on the leather cover and yes that helped. My heart stop stopped beating as fast as it was without that life saving cover!
Next, you need very high levels of personalization. That is a good thing up to a limit. After you’ve set it up according to yourself, the phone is literally your slave!
There is no dedicated camera key and for girls like me who love clicking their own pictures, it’s slightly difficult for us to pose and continue with our narcissistic needs. The front camera is great as well but I’d love the 8 mega pixels available to me.
The charging wire doubles up as the usb cable and the last phone i had conked off due to the damage to the input area in the phone. I hope that doesn’t happen with this phone.
Also. The charging cable is not very long so one can’t really be far away from the phone while it’s charging.

Till now that is all i found. Good or bad..i like this phone. 😀


Notice the style? Haha.


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