105. Thank You.

Yesterday was World Music Day! How many of you crooned your favourite songs all day long? I did not. I downloaded this really nice song and heard it for the better part of the day.

And with it being Music Day and all, LSA made quite a bang with the announcement of the students’ council. I am not going to comment on the whos and hows of the whys. I’ll just say All The Best to those who got selected and a Screw Them, to those who didn’t. a friend of mine is leaving in a few days, like in a month but I’ll be having my exams soon so I need stuff prepared for her. I was song searching and that is when I found that song. Well, to be precise I found it via Castle. Don’t you just love Castle? And finally, in Season 4 those two beautiful people kiss and acknowledge their love. I, so happy that I, write galat english!

I had thought of finishing off this post with more stuff written and less jabber before the Germany vs Greece match in EURO 2012. Who’re you supporting? I am all ut for Germany! Watch the matches for the sport not for the men! There’s more to football. Trust me, I am a die-hard cricket fan but there is something in Football that gets you hooked to it.


Also, the work I am doing with the company as corporate content writer, well my boss was pleased with my first write-in. So yay! I have suddenly been getting a lot of appreciation for my writing. Did I tell you all that I participated in a competition by Random-House? it is a short story writing competition for women (above 18) in India. Results out on 30th. Pray that I make it, please? I really want to get stuff like that on my CV too, other than the academic results. AND this blogger friend of mine really fell for what I write and has asked me to send in a poem as soon as I can churn one up so that he can post it on his blog as a guest author. I was so happy to be asked because his blog gets like a million hits or something! And this junior of mine asked me to write-up some captions for her pictures (which reminds me, i still haven’t done it; lazy me). So all this appreciating is really helping my ego. Some students in  my school have also gone up to my mother and told her about how ‘well’ i write. Thank You. Honestly, I didn’t think I was good enough. *bows*

Germany still isn’t scoring. 22 men running around and still no goal. Sigh.
-stay with me. xx


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