103. Happy Birthday Mommy!

17th June, 2012 was Father’s Day. Yes, I wished my father but then that was it. We talked a little this and little that, nothing more or nothing less. I’m not very close to him and I don’t know whose fault it is or whom to blame. So, I’ll just blame the Indian Army! Haha, no I’m just kidding. And tomorrow’s my mother’s birthday. To be precise, by the time this post will be up it should be ‘today’ instead of tomorrow.
Last year, Father’s day and my mother’s birthday were on the same day. I had to take a very calculated and diplomatic call as to what to wish first and whom. You should know how much of pressure I had toendure. While my mum is cool and doesn’t bother about the petty nitty-gritties, she tends to remember the details if they hit her heart a tad bit off-chord. On the other hand, my dad likes to the centre of attention at the times he thinks are his moments; much like me (the only difference being, I like being the centre of everything, irrespective of whether I deserve it or not). Anyway, so I wished my mum first and then quickly wished my dad, standing beside her. The trick was, to wait for him to wish her first and then I went Oh! happy birthday mamma AND happy father’s day. I probably shouldnt be putting this up on my blog cause one out of the two parents reads this regularly, but what the hell, eh? My blog, my rules 😛

Anyway, so my mother’s turning a year wiser to-daaay. She read my blog about a month back, for the first time and she had some kind words to say on my Facebook page and here’s what she had to say:

See the love?

Happy birthday Mamma. I know, this year I don’t have any of the hand-made cards that I have given to you over the years. I know, that I don’t even have any cake or gift. (I’m beginning to feel unhappy) I don’t even have my presence to offer to you, thanks to it being a Monday and people working on Mondays.
#note to self: change Mondays to holidays once world leadership is guaranteed for self.

Mamma, you are the one static thing in my world, which is changing so much and so fast ever since school ended. I know that I am annoyingly irritating and lazy at times..most of the times..I hope you know that I don’t do any of it knowingly. It somehow, just, happens. I suddenly become a laid back sack of wheat in when I am with you. You take charge so effortlessly, of situations, of events, of packing, of food, of life as a whole. I don’t know what I will do without you, you know, when the whole growing-up-is-necesssary bit comes in to play. More than not knowing, I am scared. Scared of screwing things up so bad that even you can’t repair them back to what it used to be like. You have made life easy, not only for me but also for Baba. You have made everything smooth. Without your meticulously planned schedules and vacations, the two of us would surely have been floundering about hopelessly.

Mamma, everything I say and do is not enough to explain how much I love you and how much I wish to make you and Baba proud. I work hard, just so that I can be like the two of you. Whatever issues Dad and I have, I hand it to him for being involved the top institutions of the country- Don Bosco (mumbai), St. Xavier’s, NDA, IMA, IIM-A, IIM-C. Woah! Anyone who sees that list will fall off the chair. And you, Mamma? You’re an angel and I have the backing of the innumerable lives you touch every single day at school…

You, Mrs.  Bhattacharya are the best teacher in world, in the true sense of the word to me. Because, you’ve not just taught me the most difficult subject in the world, but also shared it with me- living. I might crib about how much you ‘interfere’ and nag me about studies and it is only because I am a hormone driven nut, who mistakes your care for something else. And you, be the ever so calm Mommy and understand all my harsh words and embrace every fault. Zyada english ho gaya?
What I mean to say is, I owe my success to you and your ways. Every time I feel I am swaying away from what YOU think is best for me, I mend my ways. The results in class 12, the university rank in college, the reason that majority of the people like me- ALL BECAUSE OF YOU and how YOU taught me to go about things.

You have never told me what to do or how, only given me an opinion about the other options. Never have you told me not say what I feel because I might be rude. you’ve let me say what I feel and how and then have fiercely protected me when the world turns against me because you know I was right. You believed in me when most looked away, not once but repeatedly. You are the one pillar of strength in my life. The ONE.

I love you.

And I always will.

-yours forever, tangled and messed up. You always loved untangling things :*

The Then and Now, only I have changed.You remain the same- ephemeral, beautiful and mine 🙂


7 thoughts on “103. Happy Birthday Mommy!

  1. Just keep doing whatever you r doing the way u r doing. Take the world in ur stride and if the world acts stupid crush it make a new one…..really nicely expressed all that above. Wish ma’am a very happy Bday from our side too. God bless all the best to u. Chao.

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