106. The phone.

The laptop is open, right in front of me but i’ve challenged myself to type out one post from my new phone with an extra sensitive qwerty keypad. What better than to write a review of this very phone? The phone, my dear readers is a Samsung galaxy S III. 😀
I am no tech guru so this shall not have mumbo jumbo. It ‘ll be from my viewpoint about what the phone has or lacks (Haha)
So. I shall start with the pros. First things first, it is android run. That itself makes the phone a hundred times better than most phones available. I was a Nokia user earlier and all the 3 phones i had were Nokia. I won’t complain about the phones i had but this one is definitely better.
Also, the display of the phone is superb. The images i took with my dslr look alive on its screen than on my laptop!
The Motion options are mind-boggling and had more hooked for more than an hour. The touch and pan, shake to search, tilt to zoom, tap to scroll and ripple effects are amazing. Yes, small things impress me.
I’m using the wordpress app and out works better here than on the other Samsung i had used some time back. Anyway, for more pluses you must visit the Samsung website.

Now for the cons.
The screen albeit wonderful is a tad too large. Just a few mm smaller or so from all sides would have made the phone easier to hold. I put on the leather cover and yes that helped. My heart stop stopped beating as fast as it was without that life saving cover!
Next, you need very high levels of personalization. That is a good thing up to a limit. After you’ve set it up according to yourself, the phone is literally your slave!
There is no dedicated camera key and for girls like me who love clicking their own pictures, it’s slightly difficult for us to pose and continue with our narcissistic needs. The front camera is great as well but I’d love the 8 mega pixels available to me.
The charging wire doubles up as the usb cable and the last phone i had conked off due to the damage to the input area in the phone. I hope that doesn’t happen with this phone.
Also. The charging cable is not very long so one can’t really be far away from the phone while it’s charging.

Till now that is all i found. Good or bad..i like this phone. 😀


Notice the style? Haha.

105. Thank You.

Yesterday was World Music Day! How many of you crooned your favourite songs all day long? I did not. I downloaded this really nice song and heard it for the better part of the day.

And with it being Music Day and all, LSA made quite a bang with the announcement of the students’ council. I am not going to comment on the whos and hows of the whys. I’ll just say All The Best to those who got selected and a Screw Them, to those who didn’t. a friend of mine is leaving in a few days, like in a month but I’ll be having my exams soon so I need stuff prepared for her. I was song searching and that is when I found that song. Well, to be precise I found it via Castle. Don’t you just love Castle? And finally, in Season 4 those two beautiful people kiss and acknowledge their love. I, so happy that I, write galat english!

I had thought of finishing off this post with more stuff written and less jabber before the Germany vs Greece match in EURO 2012. Who’re you supporting? I am all ut for Germany! Watch the matches for the sport not for the men! There’s more to football. Trust me, I am a die-hard cricket fan but there is something in Football that gets you hooked to it.


Also, the work I am doing with the company as corporate content writer, well my boss was pleased with my first write-in. So yay! I have suddenly been getting a lot of appreciation for my writing. Did I tell you all that I participated in a competition by Random-House? it is a short story writing competition for women (above 18) in India. Results out on 30th. Pray that I make it, please? I really want to get stuff like that on my CV too, other than the academic results. AND this blogger friend of mine really fell for what I write and has asked me to send in a poem as soon as I can churn one up so that he can post it on his blog as a guest author. I was so happy to be asked because his blog gets like a million hits or something! And this junior of mine asked me to write-up some captions for her pictures (which reminds me, i still haven’t done it; lazy me). So all this appreciating is really helping my ego. Some students in  my school have also gone up to my mother and told her about how ‘well’ i write. Thank You. Honestly, I didn’t think I was good enough. *bows*

Germany still isn’t scoring. 22 men running around and still no goal. Sigh.
-stay with me. xx


Lets call this post ‘Train of Thoughts’. Why? Because it has been raining continuously for a long time and therefore I have been stuck in the room for a long time leading me to have a…train of thoughts which is well, long. There are a lot of wires that run from one electricity pole to another here, in Burdwan. And ever since it has been raining, there has been a formation of a train of droplets on them, every new drop ending in the one preceeding it. It keeps happening, no matter how much I will them to move ahead, the drops simply refuse to see that the wire continues beyond the point of coalescence.

Much like what’s happening to me. Remember, it was mum’s birthday on 18th? (which reminds me, thank you for the huge readership on that day!) Well, on the same day I got the news of one of my favourite teacher’s passing away. And everyone I spoke to asked me to move on on THAT very day. How? More importantly, why? When a person passes away, the world should stop, even if for a minute, but it should. It should make a difference. People should be sad. There should be a change. The earth must shift..only a litlle bit, but it should happen. Now ofcourse, if you did not know her, none of this is expected from you, but if you did know her, then hell yes- you should cry. There is nothing to be ashamed of, cry because she deserves it..
Ma’am had touched me and so many more. She was kind, beautiful and an amazing person not only from outside but also from the inside. She saw us as kids, not students. She saw her son in each one of us. She understood me. Ma’am you will be missed and you know that better than I can explain. I hope god takes you to a better place.

Yeh jeevan hai, iss jeevan ka, yahi hai yahi hai yahi hai rang-o-roop.
Thode gam hai, thodi khushiyan, yahi hai yahi hai yahi hai chao dhup.

– This song cannot get more appropriate.

It is still raining. My room-mate is cleaning her part of the room and organising her books. I, like always,am sneezing and snuggled under a blanket typing this out on my phone. There is a cat, sitting by the ledge near the window sill. It is white, with browninsh grey spots. And it is that cat which doesnt eat Marie biscuits so we have nothing better to offer. Choosy bitch, err, cat. I had decided to start studying at 5pm. That got postponed to 5:30pm and now, it is finally resting at 6pm. Have to start at a whole number, you see!

The rain has led like a gazillion insects into our lit room, we bengalis call this one urchinga. Not that you needed to know, but whats the harm in some free knowledge? Oh! I saw this horrendous movie yesterday – I Spit On Your Grave. It is a story about a girl who gets gang raped and then, about how she gets her revenge on those men (all of the men die in the end). It is ghastly and it made me nauseous. Surprisingly, the roomie I have cannot watch ghost stories cuz she’s scared of them could watch, follow and enjoy this movie which had me semi-puking after about an hour-and-half! Don’t watch it if you don’t think you can stomach teeth being pulled out, eyes being swallowed by crows, penises being cut and faces being acid-burnt.

Don’t, even if you think you can, because, you cant!

It has stopped raining, well reduced. I should go eat maggi. And study.

-wired and droplets make me smile. :’)

103. Happy Birthday Mommy!

17th June, 2012 was Father’s Day. Yes, I wished my father but then that was it. We talked a little this and little that, nothing more or nothing less. I’m not very close to him and I don’t know whose fault it is or whom to blame. So, I’ll just blame the Indian Army! Haha, no I’m just kidding. And tomorrow’s my mother’s birthday. To be precise, by the time this post will be up it should be ‘today’ instead of tomorrow.
Last year, Father’s day and my mother’s birthday were on the same day. I had to take a very calculated and diplomatic call as to what to wish first and whom. You should know how much of pressure I had toendure. While my mum is cool and doesn’t bother about the petty nitty-gritties, she tends to remember the details if they hit her heart a tad bit off-chord. On the other hand, my dad likes to the centre of attention at the times he thinks are his moments; much like me (the only difference being, I like being the centre of everything, irrespective of whether I deserve it or not). Anyway, so I wished my mum first and then quickly wished my dad, standing beside her. The trick was, to wait for him to wish her first and then I went Oh! happy birthday mamma AND happy father’s day. I probably shouldnt be putting this up on my blog cause one out of the two parents reads this regularly, but what the hell, eh? My blog, my rules 😛

Anyway, so my mother’s turning a year wiser to-daaay. She read my blog about a month back, for the first time and she had some kind words to say on my Facebook page and here’s what she had to say:

See the love?

Happy birthday Mamma. I know, this year I don’t have any of the hand-made cards that I have given to you over the years. I know, that I don’t even have any cake or gift. (I’m beginning to feel unhappy) I don’t even have my presence to offer to you, thanks to it being a Monday and people working on Mondays.
#note to self: change Mondays to holidays once world leadership is guaranteed for self.

Mamma, you are the one static thing in my world, which is changing so much and so fast ever since school ended. I know that I am annoyingly irritating and lazy at times..most of the times..I hope you know that I don’t do any of it knowingly. It somehow, just, happens. I suddenly become a laid back sack of wheat in when I am with you. You take charge so effortlessly, of situations, of events, of packing, of food, of life as a whole. I don’t know what I will do without you, you know, when the whole growing-up-is-necesssary bit comes in to play. More than not knowing, I am scared. Scared of screwing things up so bad that even you can’t repair them back to what it used to be like. You have made life easy, not only for me but also for Baba. You have made everything smooth. Without your meticulously planned schedules and vacations, the two of us would surely have been floundering about hopelessly.

Mamma, everything I say and do is not enough to explain how much I love you and how much I wish to make you and Baba proud. I work hard, just so that I can be like the two of you. Whatever issues Dad and I have, I hand it to him for being involved the top institutions of the country- Don Bosco (mumbai), St. Xavier’s, NDA, IMA, IIM-A, IIM-C. Woah! Anyone who sees that list will fall off the chair. And you, Mamma? You’re an angel and I have the backing of the innumerable lives you touch every single day at school…

You, Mrs.  Bhattacharya are the best teacher in world, in the true sense of the word to me. Because, you’ve not just taught me the most difficult subject in the world, but also shared it with me- living. I might crib about how much you ‘interfere’ and nag me about studies and it is only because I am a hormone driven nut, who mistakes your care for something else. And you, be the ever so calm Mommy and understand all my harsh words and embrace every fault. Zyada english ho gaya?
What I mean to say is, I owe my success to you and your ways. Every time I feel I am swaying away from what YOU think is best for me, I mend my ways. The results in class 12, the university rank in college, the reason that majority of the people like me- ALL BECAUSE OF YOU and how YOU taught me to go about things.

You have never told me what to do or how, only given me an opinion about the other options. Never have you told me not say what I feel because I might be rude. you’ve let me say what I feel and how and then have fiercely protected me when the world turns against me because you know I was right. You believed in me when most looked away, not once but repeatedly. You are the one pillar of strength in my life. The ONE.

I love you.

And I always will.

-yours forever, tangled and messed up. You always loved untangling things :*

The Then and Now, only I have changed.You remain the same- ephemeral, beautiful and mine 🙂


In keeping with what I decided sometime back (read: yesterday) I shall continue to write broken-up excerpts from whatever the hell I think of. Today, I think I’ll write about something that’s been going on in my mind for a day or two, plus about a lost friend.

1) I’ve been a good girl. Up until now, I haven’t really gone out of my way to be bitchy. Whatever bitchy thing I’ve done has come naturally haha, but yes seriously; I have never ‘planned’ to hurt anyone. I don’t drink (much). I don’t smoke (much). I don’t smoke up. I don’t strip in front of random guys. Oh no, don’t get me wrong..I’m not saying that those who do all of the above-mentioned are ‘bad girls’. I’m just saying that I have been good. The Maa-kya-kahegi syndrome is a little too strong in my head and sometimes I just feel it will burst open. But haven’t I been too nice? I’ve always wanted to try that squeezy tube ice thingy you get outside schools or in bus stands. They come in a variety of flavours- pepsi, cola, dahi, mango, orange, lemon..wow, I should try it sometime but… I don’t. Why? because good girls don’t do that. Because, it is unhygienic or because Sweta doesn’t want to see me do that. Aren’t I missing out?

It is not just about the sucking the life out of an ice tube thingy. It is about everything I might be missing out on. Hell I haven’t been mad sloshed and drunk yet. I am a tight arse. And now I feel sad about myself so I shall get down to other topics.

2) Let me remind you about this friend I once had. She and I became SO close in such a short period of time. Everybody knew that oh Sweta and her are bffs. The wall posts on Facebook were nauseating but we kept at it. We were determined to not let distance ruin what we had once we were in college. Well, distance couldn’t do nothing to us! Sadly, she could. It is amazing how well we can all adjust to loss. Loss due to death. Loss due to distance. Loss due to misunderstanding. Or loss due to plain and simple WILL. Up until now, I used to not worry all that much because she had her exams. I kept reasoning with myself that she’d call when she’s free..that she’ll understand she was wrong. (yes, we had an argument and the saddest part about that fight was that she didn’t even know how miserable she had become.) Remember the post Stretch. Stand Up  ? That was for her. And then, her exams ended but she never called, or texted. or emailed. or anything. She deleted me from her life and I, for once did not protest. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I do miss it sometimes, having someone to confide in. But life has a way of throwing people at you, each one filling up the vacuum left by another or creating their own little space, in a fresh new manner. I realised that I never really am alone. Yes, a lack that ‘someone special’ and yes, I have no bff but that doesn’t leave me alone. I have SO many people who do care about me whereas in reality, I need just a handful. A friend in need is a friend indeed, right?

So, here’s to a friendless me. And here’s to a me, who’ll finally buy that delicious thing for 2 rupees and suck, lick and do all the other pervy stuff you’re thinking of right now.
– tangled much?


I have not been active AT ALL on my blog for the last, i don’t know how many days. I’m sorry. I had work in college + exams + I was being lazy. I kept thinking to myself ‘no one reads it as it is so no one will miss it either’. So that is how I, lets say motivated myself to give it up. No, not because I was busy but because I thought this was not worth it. It was like one of those things I started but never really finished- not a virtue, I must confess.
I have a lot of things on my mind, something that happens to me quite often. I have tonnes of ideas lined up in my head but when it comes to the writing, the real deal; it all fizzes out somehow. So i have decided that I will name the posts as 101, 102, so on and so forth and write down each thought. Might get boring but oh well, I try my best.
So, this post will cover two things. 1 is gossip and the other is business.

1) One cute guy started dating one dumb girl. And when I say dumb, I mean dumb, not in a blonde combs-her-hair-after-car-wreck way but in a doesnt-know-2-plus-2 way. And he, is cute! So nice and intelligent too. And i fail to fathom how she roped him in! No, seriously, there must have been some magic dust involved. There must have been wizardry and maybe, just maybe, seduction. How is it that blondes get smart asses of men and vice versa? Is there some unwritten rule in Mother Nature where the main objective of co-creation is for the not-so-blessed to copulate with the ‘given’? Why?
Okay let us take the example of my super awesome (sarcastic) college. There are like 40 students in 1st year, 25 in my batch, i.e 2nd year and about 45 in the 3rd year. among this small number, we have like a trillion couples. the college, after class hours becomes a miniature version of Victoria Memorial at dusk, if you know what I mean. it is almost as if their sole objective to attend college is to find someone to marry! And I am not exaggerating they refer to each other as hubby and wife from the first frigging day of their ‘relationship’.
Yes okay, you feel like kissing, making out, hell, even having sex so do that- find a girl (or a guy) and then do it in a room. Why mate like, mate for marriage? And trust me when I say that most of them have settled for each other because they feel being in a relationship is the ultimate form of inner peace, and all this from a guy (yes he actually said that to me, in Bengali of course) who doesn’t even know how to drive a car. YES, I AM THE ONLY ONE IN MY COLLEGE WHO KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE.

So help me understand why people end up dating funny partners when there is so much more to do. Okay yes the couples look hilarious to me from outside while there might just be real love within but I am not blind. Anyway, I hope they give me good food to eat when they do get married. All my questions will be shushed by the oily maach they serve, woohoo 😐

2) I might just end up being a content writer for a company so YAY! More on this, later…once things get finalised and started. Also, I made decision. Most of the times I don’t blog is because i have to put up pictures, which take up time and effort and I is lazy bum. So, I will only out up pictures if I feel it is easy to find. Meanwhile, when I was away from blogging, I got daily hits out here. I just checked my Stats and they are pretty okay, given the frequency with which I write (or don’t). I got a few more followers and ‘likes’ on Facebook too. that’s cheered me up.

– Stay tangled.

OH, and Happy Birthday to Sneha! I love you, more than you know!

There is no relation whatsoever of this picture with the text. Dont go searching!

This one does. I need to stop our kids from turning out to be half dim-wit people!

This is true. Read this because we all have that one moment, that one person or that one incident that still defines us. Accept it, embrace it and move forward.