Until the next time.

I have exams from Tuesday. And right now, this is what is going through my mind:


And as super as my college is, I don’t know when they will exactly end. Can you believe it? I mean, the first and probably only thing we do during exams is count our days till it’s done and over with. But no, my college will not grant me that luxury. Anyway, I am hoping to get done in a week or so.
Although people have told me that Avengers Assemble is hyped, I haven’t YET gotten to watch it so can’t wait for that. Hopefully, I’ll get to watch it with someone other than my usual ‘chalo movie chale‘ people. So yay.

And oh! I’ve had a very, very refreshing last two days. Went all deep and diving into some really basic things about myself. have to thank Sneha (sorry for using the noun, but the alternative was Sofia, which is how your name pops up on t9 but I had a feeling that you’d prefer the original :P). Anyway, Sneha.. you’ve meant a lot to me and still do and always will. I have no clue whatsoever about why we became friends but that’s besides the point. The point is, I’m glad I have you in my life to slap me out of my Barbie dreams so that I can weave better ones. The way you know me, is eerie. Are you this way with everyone? Because if you are, I wonder how people live around you! Most of us live under the garb of pretence and we have ‘layers’ as you had mentioned the last time we spoke. We all have these layers but you, missy, slice right through them these days. And some of the advice that you’ve given me is the best advice I’ve received.

Talking to you is releasing, relieving. I can’t write a lot about people I like because I just start blabbering after a point. And I’ve reached that point right about now so I should shush.
So, I love you in as many ways as possible- untouched, pristine, always, straight, gay, bi..you get the drift.
Cheers to you us!

Yes ma’am that is you :’) and also, the only picture I have of you.


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