Do or Don’t, you still Die.

There are so many photographs all around tumblr, Facebook, twitter telling us to –
‘Miss someone- call. Want someone- ask. Love someone-say it’ get the drift. But now that I face one of those questions/ situations/ moments/ crisis I dont really know if ‘following my heart’ and ‘going with the flow’ would be absolutely correct. I mean, what I would like to do is insane and what I am doing is, well, nothing.

But that’s because doing nothing is wise! Texting him like a school-going bubblegummer would be stupidity, right? There is this really close friend I have and she’s several continents away so I can’t ask her what I’m supposed to do. But I need to know.
If I want to talk to someone, should I ‘just message’ and look like a dufus or should I wait it out and ‘ppretend’ that oh well, I have a life and that he’s not the temporary centre of my universe? Gaa. I’ve always been so sure of everything and this one area of life, where the head is as essesntial as the heart, dear ol’ God decideds to take it all away from me and turns me into a mumbling whacko.

Yeah yeah, I know everyone would just tell me to text and I would like to tell them that ‘Whoo ego’ is not what’s keeping from doing it. Also, I fought with my bff and I don’t think I’m gunna be talking to her for sometime to come SO, I need help! Crushes are madness and I havent really been mad for 2 years now. 😛

-see. i told you- wireswilltangle.


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