The IPL plea.

On April 4th, most of India was glued to their television sets, tuned into a channel rarely watched otherwise by sensible people, to watch something that has become an annual ritual. The IPL was here. The Indian Premier League. *imagine the blow horn, er, blowing*
I wasn’t an exception. Despite being in college, which by the way, is located in a place which qualifies as a town, I went to a restaurant and watch the likes of Priyanka, Kareena and Kate perry sing dance and frolic to. I was expecting a match, but sigh, I always expect unfeasible things off the Indian junta.

I had to support  KKR by default. I used to watch each match with bated breath. Even as they lost the first two matches, I continued my support. then they won and lost and dragged along. Then they climbed up to the top 4 and I relaxed.

Dekho SRK. Hum jeet sakte hai!

So this friend of mine asked me if I’m watching the match and I flipped. I had stopped following the IPL! The unthinkable had happened.  I am at home and I have a television set, in all its Plasma glory waiting to be switched on and I wasn’t watching the match!! I was free! Free off the onus of knowing every score of every match with every detail about Orange caps and super sixes. I was free from 4 in the evening till 12 at night to do what I pleased. The IPL fever was gone. Woohoo! Freedom, Glory!!

And ^this was how I felt.

The IPL was a success, and it should be. It has captured the attention of the masses in the most cunning method possible.

  • It’s got cricket which is GOD in India, hell yeah! I mean, people keep themselves free, take sick leave from work to sit at home and watch those matches.
  • Since the Indian public is raving mad about it’s celebrities, Lalit Modi devised the best way to ensure packed stadiums- get celebs into the arena and voila! the people are peering backwards at the owner (read SRK, Zinta) rather than the match. But that was the story of the first few seasons. This year, at least my friends are less excited about him and more about KKR. What an achievement!
  • We all know how short our attention span is. at most it is, what 20-30 seconds? And the shortest an IPL match could get is 5 overs, right? What more do you want- from twenty-twenty you go right ZAP down to paanch-paanch. Reminds me of hide and seek aka chhuppan chhuppai. Dhappa!
  • And with such a short format, no one will be able to spot a rigged match! So everybody wins and everybody is happy. (though a fixed match isn’t all that hard to guess)
  • IPL gives the perfect excuse to hang with friends, cheap too- 500 to 750 at the max and you have atleast five hours of guaranteed fun irrespective of which team wins.
  • Cheerleaders! The perfect food for the desparates in us. Only if they aren’t the apsaras of my home team, though. They look like a cross between a terribly suffocated woman and a brinjal.

  • Finally, IPL has cricket. Oh, I said that already 😛

And why do I not watch it anymore?
Because it is boring after a point and I have work. Also, because Only the finals really matter. I wonder who won today’s match though…