Who the f* am I?

This is not one of those revelation kinda posts. This is genuinely, me asking myself- Who the fuck am I?
I am not asking this with the intention of discovering  myself. I know who I am, but who am I to people? I was talking to a friend of mine, asking her what kind of girlfriend she is. Weird question, I know, but then, I often catch myself thinking about these absurdities in my head. So what kind of girlfriend am I?

Now I just feel bored with this topic so I am going to stop writing a long post.
In a nutshell I suck at being in love and I am a terrible girlfriend. The moment I see something serious happening I feel claustrophobic and I run. Run so far away that the partner starts detesting me. Good way too shoo ’em unwanted ones, eh?
Although, in my defense, I have not really been in any mature, adult relationship so I wouldn’t know. I would like to, though.

These are the times I wish I hadn’t broken up with someone.

Till I’m glad-der.



3 thoughts on “Who the f* am I?

  1. You’re someone I look up to. And, you should look up to yourself too. 🙂

    Someday someone will walk into your life, and then you’ll understand why it dint work out with others.

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