A lot has been happening and I have been away from my laptop for quite some time, er, days. Nevertheless, it is never too late. The only reason why I switched on that laptop of mine was to see a movie. Yes, I download from but SO DO YOU, so don’t judge me! Make hay while the sun shines (read: download all you can before SOPA/ PIPA take over!)

Yes, so a movie. Which one? The Artist. If you haven’t heard of it yet then shameonyou. It’s a magnificient movie. To think of a silent film in this day and age is sheer audacity and to pull it off with such an ironic tale (of a talkie vs a silent film IN a silent film), is sheer brilliance. Both the leads have done a marvellous job at playing the characters of George, an old school hero who is full of himself and his talent, and that of Peppy Miller, a rising starlet with a mega crush on George and also, oodles of talent and that wretched beauty spot. The story isn’t ground breaking, it’s predictable if I may say so but it is HOW they narrate it and the medium that’s been chosen for the narration that sets this movie apart. Watch it for the sake of good cinema.
The Oscar went to a good movie. Just like last year (:

Attreversiamo means ‘Let us cross over’ in Italian. If you have read Eat Pray Love, you will know exactly why I’ve used this word as the title. It’s a transition period for me. I am ‘crossing over’ from someone who is a child to someone who was a child. I don’t know if it is good, bad or simply makes no difference. I am feeling emotions that I did not know I possessed. I have learnt to move on, and by moving on; I mean going on with life WITHOUT any bitterness in my heart for those who broke it. Yes, it still hurts me when people move away from me for no fault of my own. Yes, my soul ricochets into splithereens when somone close to me thinks it is time to leave me and move away from me just because ‘he thinks so’. Yes, I still cry but those tears are cold, measured. I know that I deserve better. Unless and until I have hurt someone, I don’t have the right to be played with. So there, I’m growing up.

I used to bear torrential hatred (can that be used?) towards someone. That someone, lies injured, physically in front of me right now. Instead of feeling victorious, I felt sorrow. I am a human being finally. Yes, I still hate him. Yes, I still pray that he realise what wrong he has done to me. But, I also pray for his health and I thank God for not ending his life. So there, I am growing up.

I used to be a people person. Don’t worry I still am but while talking to a *very* close friend last night, I realised that I don’t care how many people are around me. For all I care I might be in a crowd as big as those in an India Pakistan cricket match, but I will still feel lonely if I don’t find my kind of people there. I realised that I’d rather be alone than be with people who merely pretend to like me. That, I’d rather be lonely than compromise with my company. So there, am I growing up?

Everyone tells me that I have unreasonable demands off a guy. What is unreasonable to YOU is only just the bare minimum for me. Yes, I think that highly of myself and why shouldn’t I? My parents haven’t brought me up to be a timid girl. I’m allowed to love myself. For only if I love myself will I be capable of loving someone else. Don’t judge me.
Oh well, fine. Judge me..i don’t care. And even if I do care, I’ll cross over.