The more the messier.

Or as the popular saying goes, more the merrier. I certainly don’t think so. My god, have you seen the chaos that always follows a hoard of people gushing in to help you? It is like a sea of blood hungry maniacs just waiting to pound you down by the sheer burden of their body weight!
Too much description, I know 😛

I have, therefore, reached the conclusion that being alone is better. Alone is good. Alone is happy. You have only yourself to deal with, to blame, to celebrate. Being alone makes you realise things which are far more important than the latest Oscar fashion fad, no offence to those who followed that. Being alone makes you realise how much potential you actually have. Imagine a world sans help. Yes, it would be a difficult life but wouldn’t it be more fulfilling? What you work for is ultimately what you earn. You, literally, are your own boss.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that one shouldn’t have friends. All I am harping on, is that it is always good to know what one is capable of. Know how much you can stretch yourself. Be Elasti-girl and test your limits. Keep one foot on one peak and streeeeetch till the next one, or as far as you can. No,not really,dumbo but yes,metaphorically.
Then, you can always go back to mingling and being ordinary.

If you don’t try, you will never get there. You have the whole world inside of you. Don’t let company ruin it. Don’t let the ordinariness of people just make you ‘exist’. Live!

Do your work ON YOUR OWN. Let someone guide you through it, but don’t let that person ‘do’ it. You only lose if you let that happen.

You, are your own hero. you.are.god.

-stay tangled (:

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