Synaptic plasticity

Let me give you the background to this post first. I’m on an SBSTC bus, non-ac if you really care. I have gulal on my face. I am as sleepy as one can get and i’m standing and travelling because the great people of this country decided to shut down bus services temporarily. I’m sneezing like a mad woman and all those who’re sitting are looking up at me. But none of them are getting up.

Well not that i expect anyone too, but still- the world moves on hope, eh?
Arsenal kept me up last night. I must say, it was a brilliant match, its a pity that they lost on aggregate. And I lost my sleep. And I had early morning classes so I couldnt atch up on the sleep. Not even on the bus -.-

  #nowplaying Pungi. Heard it?

Anyway, about the title of the post. Do you know what a synapse is? Well you should cuz you have passed class 7 science, haven’t you?
In my Pharmacology class today, the professor went on and on about antidepressants. And like one of my previous posts, I actually felt like gobbling down a billion of them and then finally hope to feel satiated enough to not sulk. In one of those rare moments where I wasnt blindly writing what he was saying I heard this term- synaptic plasticity.

It struck me today that the first thing I remember about my childhood is when I was in class II. Blame childhood amnesia but I just fail to recall stuff before that. Do you remember infantile details of your life? I feel that it’s the longest drunken haze I’ve ever been in. I mean honestly, I dont have any option but to completely believe what i’m told about ‘mera bachpan’


Photographs; an escape into memories long forgotten.

Synaptic plasticity.

It means memories.
It means Memory. What is your first ever?

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