Why o Why?


This friend of mine wants to be called Rambo. Or even Rocky. And I fail to comply with this request. I mean, why would anyone want to be Rambo? Rambo is Rambo because he is Sylvester ‘Stallion’ and the men we know are not even close to him! The ones we know are more like George Clooney or Matt Damon. Or even DiCaprio. (or Chandler, haha)

Also, I feel very confused right now; confused regarding WHO a particular person is. Its one thing to make fun of someone and derive pleasure out of it and a completely different thing to say ‘Yes I like you’
I know I know, the two are not related, but to think of it, they kinda are. You only annoy the ones you like, right? But then till what level am I supposed to not get offended? To tell you the truth, I suck at the whole I-dont-get-offended pretence. I do get irritated/ annoyed/ pissed.

So I try and take all of it in the ‘fighting spirit’ but I fail at times and then I get this piercing pain in my chest ’cause I have to stop myself from crying. Gaa. I wish I had siblings. Then I’d be more of a fighter!

And I’m always sleepy. But maybe that’s because I don’t sleep. Hmm. Still, how would you manage to stay up in a class that teaches you about ceramic teeth?

Then, I wonder if birds could be scared of heights.
Or, if ants could be diabetic!

-Laugh out Loud today! Okay?
And to quote one of my favourite people, totally randomly-

Hitler was not crazy, he was stupid.


5 thoughts on “Why o Why?

  1. “Hitler was not crazy, he was stupid”.. ?
    Well he was awesome and just the thing Germany needed 😉

      • Every coin has two sides 🙂
        Germany was completely ruined after WW I, He re-built Germany from ashes. Got back Rhineland and all the lost areas. Tough I agree some of his methods where wrong. See the brighter side, He was a great man !
        And, everyone wants to get rid of successful legendary people 😛

      • No one wants to get rid of successful, legendary ppl! thats just a notion built up by people in denial of either their success or their status in the population.

        About Hitler. He was a good man to have built germany then but he only rebuilt it to lead it towards destruction again. did thet people really need that?

      • Okay, I guess I must admit I have no reply to the first part of it :/
        And, for the second part. Yup ! Germany did need a Savior to get them out of trouble, After WWI hardly anything was left, the presidential elections were being held almost a every month, they needed to get their place on the world map again, their lost gold and everything. He needed to initiate the WWII to get back land, gold which he did !
        If only had he learnt from Napoleons mistake he could have been a bigger success.

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