Beginning of Blog Blabber

Helllloooooo! Been a long time since I blogged last. Blame the sucky WordPress refused to open up on my phone and I was too far away (read: 2hours) away from my laptop+internet.

Anyway, a LOT has been up.
In the most recent news, I broke a bowl today. It was so pretty, with yellow flowers and blue leaves. But whatever. It is no more *sob*
Also, my good friend is being very kind and is giving me a back massage now. Gotta love college roomies!

Randomly, have you ever felt so hungry that you could eat a horse and had nothing to eat, but Hajmola candies at home? Well, I did. And trust me, it tastes orgasmic. Yum-meyyy! No, I know it’s spelt as yummy.

The crush I had? Well, I still do. And he’s growing cuter by the day, er, night. He has no idea when to crack his silly Dead baby and Dead puppy jokes. Oh, and coma patient sex jokes too. He’s Chandler *and I’m Monica*

And all the hoohaa about this most recent bandh drove me nits. I had college. I was against the bandh. No, I dont support the Red. Neither do I care about the Green. As long as West Bengal can progress somehow, I’m fine. And by progress I don’t mean at a snail’s pace.
Oh wait sorry. PaschimBongo. -.-

I spoke to my BFF after a long time today. I miss her. I wish she was in this city. I hate Delhi. Grrr.

I miss my mom too. Shout out to her!
-anyway, stay tangled. Much love.

Life is beautiful, nonetheless


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