The Colour Pink.

Y’know how sometimes you just feel just laugh-till-you-cry-happy? I felt that yesterday and trust me, t’s the best feeling in the whole wide world! 😀

In other news-
There are times in life where you get confused about people. Where, you don’t really understand if you really like them or if its just a feeling of you always being mad and annoyed at them.
So from some of my previous posts, we all have it established that I have a crush on someone. Someone. I feel confused. I mean, I like him, like ‘really’ like him.
He’s sweet and charming and funny (if he wants to be), good looking (brownie points), knows fluent english (yay!), sounds adorable when he talks in bengali (tries to..aww) annnnnd he lives somewhere which isn’t where I do. 😦
Which brings me to the ‘confused part.
It would’ve been just SO much easier had he been in the same city. And because he’s not I keep holding myself back. I’ve been heart-broken before and I do NOT want to feel that again. My best friend knows what a wreck I can become. And I don’t want to put her through that ordeal again. It’s all for her, believe you me *sarcasm*

But I think it is better the way it is. No demands. No nagging. Just clean fun with all the good stuff and no frills. Exactly the way I like it. Woohoo!

Anyway, so thats that. It was better and more simple when we were kids. You like someone, you like him. You don’t, then just go and say ‘katti’

This is my first post ‘about’ a person. So this is special for wwt. 🙂

-all my love.

(only he’ll undertand the picture. but its fun for all, I guess)


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