Everyone has dreams. Everyone wants to live those dreams out. But very few count-on-your-fingers-amount have actually done it. How many people are you aware of, who followed their dreams; went against their families (though not necessarily) and then lived the life they WANTED to?

They are your dreams.
Dont talk out loud about them. Dont discuss them day in and day out with anyone. No, not even with your closest friend.
Learn to protect your dreams. They are yours. Totally, completely, utterly yours to fulfil. And you have the power to shape them, to design them and to make build the path that’ll lead you to them. So protect them.

This world is nasty. Everyone hates. People are spiteful and envious.

They will envy you, for your dream is unique.
They will despise you in their hearts, for they couldn’t dare to dream
your dream.
They will never do it to your face, which makes it worse.

Don’t share your dream. Protect it like you’d protect a candle’s flame on a stormy night.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, build a wall and make a bubble for your dreams. Then, wake up and achieve them.

Don’t let anyone come in between you and that ONE dream that makes
you stay up at night. If your mind wants it badly enough then you heart
will find a way to make it happen. Don’t let anything hinder you.

Every problem you encounter and obstacle you cross over will only make the dream more elusive, more attractive and worth its while. All those people who never believed in your dreams should propel you closer and closer to what YOU believe in- and you believe that

Make everyday a step towards that goal. Do something that makes you proud. Move closer to that dream Don’t just exist. Be the dream you want.

Believe. And one day it will be yours.
-to achieving. Cheers!


p.s- The Better Man Projects – this blog made me (read: inspired me to) write this post. Evan Sanders, thank you 🙂

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