Why Marriages Fail.

I fail to understand a few things which everyone else seems to be pretty comfortable with. Maybe I just AM socially weird. Social rebel. Just a rebel.

This post is about marriage. No, not the marriage and why its not supposed to be ‘the’ deal breaker for me *thats for another post, sometime*.

This one is going to be about why marriage is such a big deal. I’ll tell you why. Because, in India, it is seen as something permanent. And permanence scares everyone. Permanence doesnt see nationality, reason or event. It’s the same reason why one would think twice before a getting inked on the face with a big fat dragon tattoo!

I don’t understand why it has to be the beginning of a new phase. Yes it is impotant. Yes you marry the one you always want to be with. But what if it doesn’t fan out the way you had day-dreamed it to? Marriage is just a very long term relationship which is recognised by the law, to come to think of it.

So just like we ‘break up’ why can’t we break off a marriage? Why does a divorced person have a separate tag? If you’re posting for a matrimonial advert, will you mention being dumped by your boyfriend? No. But a divorced man or lady will have to mention this baggage. Baggage- mark my words.
Sad, eh?
The Indian society has to accept the tiny fact that marriages fail. That people are not meant to always be together. That this pressure causes lives to be lost. That marriage isn’t supposed to about permanence but about the present!
Maybe then, the fear of marriage, of being committed for as long as one wants the forever to be will fade.
Maybe then, I will want to get married.
Maybe then, they will know what marriage truly means.


I now pronounce you man and . . .


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