Because I love her.

Its the day to show love.
And what better day than this for my room-mate to leave me alone and go prancing off to a wedding 2 hours away from college? And her absence is killing! So I thought I should write something for her- like an ode 🙂

So when she first shifted in, it was an effort. We were both trying to like each other and we kept to ourselves. Then you know how you just get used to some people in certain spaces? We had reached that spot. But in first year of college, we were more of Friends in Need. Explaination: since there were no other people we liked, we stuck to each other like glue while away from home..but once we got back home we totally forgot the others existence unless ofcourse there was a college emergency, which is a rare rare rare case.

But today, 14th February, 2012, is our day of love!
I know that I truly love her. Not just because she’s the only other sane counterpart but because she runs with me into the wild things too.

Movies aren’t half as fun without her and our stupid (and loud) jokes.
Work gets boring after a certain stage and I long to see her jump around the room looking all mature.
I do a lot more work (read: i study a lot more) while she’s away which should be a good thing in a utopic world, but we all know how boring it gets.
There is noone to warm the rotis tonight.
And I’ll have to wake up on my own tomorrow.
She’s not there to listen to sappy songs with and then create jhink-chak remixes with the Don-2 theme song.

Darn I miss her.
Happy Valentine’s Day roomie. ❤


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