This that and the other.

I have a glass of Harvey’s Sherry in my hand. I’m just back from a family get together- Grandparents’ 50th anniversary. Come to think of it, the celebrations weren’t quite enough. It is difficult enough to marry a person and to top it, spend Fifty years with one person while staying totally committed gets a standing ovatin from me. My nana-nani will be celebrating theirs in three years. Time flies.

I met so many of the relatives today; most of whom I still dont know how I am related to me! I think I should actually gate crash some weddings. Noone seems to know who is related to who, except for maybe the host who’s ounting heads for the food 😛

Anyway, after the regular ‘You have grown up- I saw you when you were this small *with hands cradled in front*’ people warmed up to one another and formed small huddles. Everyone was in a group. Everyone was gossiping. Everyone was looking forward to food. Well, there was a beautiful powerpoint which my dad made with his elder brother which brought out the sentimental side in us but other than that and my Flute playing people were mostly into the talking-eating-talking-drinking cycle.

I wonder how relationships unfoil. There was one set of Didus, they are sisters and they’ve stayed together all their lives. Like, as luck would have t, they even got married into the same family. And then there was a Jethu who wasn’t even bothered about his kids running around creating havoc. Relationships confuse me.

In other news, I wore those heels today and rocked the look. Muhahahaha. Okay, I don’t have anything else.

College tomorrow. If I sleep long enough tonight, will Monday go away? 😥


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