I found Doggy!

Omg! Omg! I found Doggy. Rejoice!

You know how all old things have a muffly smell in them, the kind you can instantly relate to? Like when you first bit into a candy floss and got covered up in liquidy pink sugar. Or when you walked in while your friend was farting :P. Or maybe, when your best friends covered you in chocolate on your birthday and then later, you sat gulpin down tequila shots. The equation is pretty simple- one smell.one memory.

*FYI- smell is the strongest trigger for memories*

My mum dug up all my old, baby-time soft toys, complete with all the headless barbies and torn teddies. Whatte time to show me those teddies, just on their day! How many toys did you have? I had like 16 barbies and then there were Kellys and NOT a single Ken.

(In hindsight, doesnt Barbie need change; is she still not bored of Ken? I mean yes, he is rich and kinda handsome yada yada yada, but STILL.)

So go smell those old books, cuddle the old soft toys. Maybe you’ll find your childhood back.

p.s- i bought an awesome pair of heels!




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