To do or not to do?

I am the kinda student who likes going to class. Somehow, it has been ingrained in my head that if I don’t attend class I will fail. Yes, fail.
So I was in class today- totally drowsy, hadn’t slept much as I was over the phone with someone and the professor starts off with Morpheus.

Morpheus is the Greek God of dreams. And the drug morphine, is named after him. Quite apt and creative no? So she went on and on and on AND ON about how its addictive and not supposed to be given/ taken without caution *don’t tell me I dint tell you*

The more she said ‘it is NOT’, the more I felt like going into the hospital and putting myself on an i.v morphine. It’s just this whole desire to deny authority.

It’s like- kar bhi lenge toh hoga kya? Every dote has an antidote. 😛
Hasn’t it happened to you? When mommy says not to touch those cookies you reach out and gobble them all up at midnight. Don’t things become more magical when they’re prohibited? They become so much more than what they actually are; they become an object of desire and something you HAVE to, just have to, acquire.
Maybe that’s why they named it after the God of Dreams.

Don’t we all have dreams which we HAVE to acheive by hook or by crook? Negation makes it all the more fun!

I got to go have dinner now. Plus my brain is muddled up cuz of extra sleeping. AND one of my friends might get groped on today *so not cool when guys do that*

-stay wimme.

P.s- this picture was sent to me by a friend, a very close one- notice the prohibitions?

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