The roses and hubalaba doo!

So it’s Valentine’s Week again.
That abominable week where the two sexes of this world collide. Boys wonder where, what and more importantly who to spend on and girls sit in verandahs with doting eyes for a rich, goodlooking, witty, smart, the-list-goes-on boyfriend to arrive in a Ferrari.

I don’t understand all that much. For me, its pretty simple. There’s no need for a week to make a showy bling out of love.
If I love you, I’ll make it your Valentine’s year. 365 days of true love. (yes, I’m a believer)

Love is to evolve. See, flip the word around and add a ‘ve’ to it and voila! you got to evolve.

To those who’re single; have a happy giftless week or perhaps be lucky and find someone to shower you with them
To those who’re already with someone, do me a favour and buy me some flowers?

I’m unothodox though. I like tulips on Rose day.
Remember that?

Much love,
-and stay with me.



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