Firstly, why wires-will-tangle? Well, I thought of naming it wires-will-wangle for the whole ‘www’ thing, but it sounded weird. (too many Ws)
Also, notice how wires always manage to tangle up- much like a teenage girl’s life.
Like everyone, i also believe that my life is super-hyper-freakishly melodramatic and thus each moment should be recorded by the union of Ekta Kapoor and the Spielberg clan. Yes, if you see this, call me 😀

Let me bring you up to date with the life so far-

I’m 19.

I love photography and writing is my first love.

I have a set of 4-5 very close friends (these close friends dont know each other and ‘I’ am their only common link)

I’ve had 3 boyfriends. I still like 2 out of those 3.

I currently have one crush. Omfg is he cute or what? 😛

Oh! And i’m a girl, incase you weren’t a rocket scientiset about it.

I love my mother. I tend to get emo about tiny things but on the whole i believe I am strong. Sexy too, if I may say so.

There WILL be posts about love, boys-being-jerks-but-oh!so-cute and even pms posts.
Nonetheless, i shall try my best to keep this clean.

Much love.

-stay tangled.

Welcome to my Wonderland

Welcome to my Wonderland


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