Beginning of Blog Blabber

Helllloooooo! Been a long time since I blogged last. Blame the sucky WordPress refused to open up on my phone and I was too far away (read: 2hours) away from my laptop+internet.

Anyway, a LOT has been up.
In the most recent news, I broke a bowl today. It was so pretty, with yellow flowers and blue leaves. But whatever. It is no more *sob*
Also, my good friend is being very kind and is giving me a back massage now. Gotta love college roomies!

Randomly, have you ever felt so hungry that you could eat a horse and had nothing to eat, but Hajmola candies at home? Well, I did. And trust me, it tastes orgasmic. Yum-meyyy! No, I know it’s spelt as yummy.

The crush I had? Well, I still do. And he’s growing cuter by the day, er, night. He has no idea when to crack his silly Dead baby and Dead puppy jokes. Oh, and coma patient sex jokes too. He’s Chandler *and I’m Monica*

And all the hoohaa about this most recent bandh drove me nits. I had college. I was against the bandh. No, I dont support the Red. Neither do I care about the Green. As long as West Bengal can progress somehow, I’m fine. And by progress I don’t mean at a snail’s pace.
Oh wait sorry. PaschimBongo. -.-

I spoke to my BFF after a long time today. I miss her. I wish she was in this city. I hate Delhi. Grrr.

I miss my mom too. Shout out to her!
-anyway, stay tangled. Much love.

Life is beautiful, nonetheless

The Colour Pink.

Y’know how sometimes you just feel just laugh-till-you-cry-happy? I felt that yesterday and trust me, t’s the best feeling in the whole wide world! 😀

In other news-
There are times in life where you get confused about people. Where, you don’t really understand if you really like them or if its just a feeling of you always being mad and annoyed at them.
So from some of my previous posts, we all have it established that I have a crush on someone. Someone. I feel confused. I mean, I like him, like ‘really’ like him.
He’s sweet and charming and funny (if he wants to be), good looking (brownie points), knows fluent english (yay!), sounds adorable when he talks in bengali (tries to..aww) annnnnd he lives somewhere which isn’t where I do. 😦
Which brings me to the ‘confused part.
It would’ve been just SO much easier had he been in the same city. And because he’s not I keep holding myself back. I’ve been heart-broken before and I do NOT want to feel that again. My best friend knows what a wreck I can become. And I don’t want to put her through that ordeal again. It’s all for her, believe you me *sarcasm*

But I think it is better the way it is. No demands. No nagging. Just clean fun with all the good stuff and no frills. Exactly the way I like it. Woohoo!

Anyway, so thats that. It was better and more simple when we were kids. You like someone, you like him. You don’t, then just go and say ‘katti’

This is my first post ‘about’ a person. So this is special for wwt. 🙂

-all my love.

(only he’ll undertand the picture. but its fun for all, I guess)


Things don’t fall apart. Things hold. Lines connect in thin ways that last and last and lives become generations made out of pictures and words just kept.  -Lucille Clifton

I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.  -Sir Winston Churchill

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.  -Corita Kent

Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it.  -Woody Allen

To obtain a man’s opinion of you, make him mad.  -Oliver Wendell Holmes

…the safest course is to do nothing against one’s conscience. With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear from death.  -Voltaire

Burn it up a notch.

First of all- Happy birthday, Kurt Donald Cobain. I do not understand your pain or for that matter, your music. I fail to understand why you would write songs like Pat Smear or Heart Shaped Boxes.. But then, maybe you are WAY out of my league to fathom. Maybe I am not meant to understand you. Maybe that’s why they call you a ‘genius’.

Lets take a lesson from this man. Lets learn to be a genius. Pff, not really. Just learn to value life. Everyone has pain, everyone suffers, everyone wants to die at some point in time but DON’T. Nothing matters more than life. So just stoping smoking! Nothing is so miserably wrong with your life that you have to be an addict. You aren’t the only one with probles, so stfu and drop the whole my-life-is-shit routine.
Take a break. If you’re so stressed, then go to Bali. (woohoo!)
And if you’re addicted, go to a rehab or something. (seriousy)

Quit, in the name of God, cuz no one is gaining a pound of good health from your smoke. You pollute. You dirty the roads. You make others cough. Plus, I am allergic. See? So many reasons to quit. 🙂

And if you cant quit, atleast smoke in a closed room with no windows so that the ozone lives. And, use a lighter- stop cutting trees down for matchsticks.

Grow up! And live.

And just FYI- this is what was thought of Cobain’s ultimate death, his ‘nirvana’ so to say:

I think that he committed suicide. I don’t think there’s a smoking gun. And I think there’s only one way you can explain a lot of things around his death. Not that he was murdered, but that there was just a lack of caring for him. I just think that Courtney had moved on, and he was expendable.


Everyone has dreams. Everyone wants to live those dreams out. But very few count-on-your-fingers-amount have actually done it. How many people are you aware of, who followed their dreams; went against their families (though not necessarily) and then lived the life they WANTED to?

They are your dreams.
Dont talk out loud about them. Dont discuss them day in and day out with anyone. No, not even with your closest friend.
Learn to protect your dreams. They are yours. Totally, completely, utterly yours to fulfil. And you have the power to shape them, to design them and to make build the path that’ll lead you to them. So protect them.

This world is nasty. Everyone hates. People are spiteful and envious.

They will envy you, for your dream is unique.
They will despise you in their hearts, for they couldn’t dare to dream
your dream.
They will never do it to your face, which makes it worse.

Don’t share your dream. Protect it like you’d protect a candle’s flame on a stormy night.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, build a wall and make a bubble for your dreams. Then, wake up and achieve them.

Don’t let anyone come in between you and that ONE dream that makes
you stay up at night. If your mind wants it badly enough then you heart
will find a way to make it happen. Don’t let anything hinder you.

Every problem you encounter and obstacle you cross over will only make the dream more elusive, more attractive and worth its while. All those people who never believed in your dreams should propel you closer and closer to what YOU believe in- and you believe that

Make everyday a step towards that goal. Do something that makes you proud. Move closer to that dream Don’t just exist. Be the dream you want.

Believe. And one day it will be yours.
-to achieving. Cheers!


p.s- The Better Man Projects – this blog made me (read: inspired me to) write this post. Evan Sanders, thank you 🙂

Why Marriages Fail.

I fail to understand a few things which everyone else seems to be pretty comfortable with. Maybe I just AM socially weird. Social rebel. Just a rebel.

This post is about marriage. No, not the marriage and why its not supposed to be ‘the’ deal breaker for me *thats for another post, sometime*.

This one is going to be about why marriage is such a big deal. I’ll tell you why. Because, in India, it is seen as something permanent. And permanence scares everyone. Permanence doesnt see nationality, reason or event. It’s the same reason why one would think twice before a getting inked on the face with a big fat dragon tattoo!

I don’t understand why it has to be the beginning of a new phase. Yes it is impotant. Yes you marry the one you always want to be with. But what if it doesn’t fan out the way you had day-dreamed it to? Marriage is just a very long term relationship which is recognised by the law, to come to think of it.

So just like we ‘break up’ why can’t we break off a marriage? Why does a divorced person have a separate tag? If you’re posting for a matrimonial advert, will you mention being dumped by your boyfriend? No. But a divorced man or lady will have to mention this baggage. Baggage- mark my words.
Sad, eh?
The Indian society has to accept the tiny fact that marriages fail. That people are not meant to always be together. That this pressure causes lives to be lost. That marriage isn’t supposed to about permanence but about the present!
Maybe then, the fear of marriage, of being committed for as long as one wants the forever to be will fade.
Maybe then, I will want to get married.
Maybe then, they will know what marriage truly means.


I now pronounce you man and . . .

Because I love her.

Its the day to show love.
And what better day than this for my room-mate to leave me alone and go prancing off to a wedding 2 hours away from college? And her absence is killing! So I thought I should write something for her- like an ode 🙂

So when she first shifted in, it was an effort. We were both trying to like each other and we kept to ourselves. Then you know how you just get used to some people in certain spaces? We had reached that spot. But in first year of college, we were more of Friends in Need. Explaination: since there were no other people we liked, we stuck to each other like glue while away from home..but once we got back home we totally forgot the others existence unless ofcourse there was a college emergency, which is a rare rare rare case.

But today, 14th February, 2012, is our day of love!
I know that I truly love her. Not just because she’s the only other sane counterpart but because she runs with me into the wild things too.

Movies aren’t half as fun without her and our stupid (and loud) jokes.
Work gets boring after a certain stage and I long to see her jump around the room looking all mature.
I do a lot more work (read: i study a lot more) while she’s away which should be a good thing in a utopic world, but we all know how boring it gets.
There is noone to warm the rotis tonight.
And I’ll have to wake up on my own tomorrow.
She’s not there to listen to sappy songs with and then create jhink-chak remixes with the Don-2 theme song.

Darn I miss her.
Happy Valentine’s Day roomie. ❤

This that and the other.

I have a glass of Harvey’s Sherry in my hand. I’m just back from a family get together- Grandparents’ 50th anniversary. Come to think of it, the celebrations weren’t quite enough. It is difficult enough to marry a person and to top it, spend Fifty years with one person while staying totally committed gets a standing ovatin from me. My nana-nani will be celebrating theirs in three years. Time flies.

I met so many of the relatives today; most of whom I still dont know how I am related to me! I think I should actually gate crash some weddings. Noone seems to know who is related to who, except for maybe the host who’s ounting heads for the food 😛

Anyway, after the regular ‘You have grown up- I saw you when you were this small *with hands cradled in front*’ people warmed up to one another and formed small huddles. Everyone was in a group. Everyone was gossiping. Everyone was looking forward to food. Well, there was a beautiful powerpoint which my dad made with his elder brother which brought out the sentimental side in us but other than that and my Flute playing people were mostly into the talking-eating-talking-drinking cycle.

I wonder how relationships unfoil. There was one set of Didus, they are sisters and they’ve stayed together all their lives. Like, as luck would have t, they even got married into the same family. And then there was a Jethu who wasn’t even bothered about his kids running around creating havoc. Relationships confuse me.

In other news, I wore those heels today and rocked the look. Muhahahaha. Okay, I don’t have anything else.

College tomorrow. If I sleep long enough tonight, will Monday go away? 😥

I found Doggy!

Omg! Omg! I found Doggy. Rejoice!

You know how all old things have a muffly smell in them, the kind you can instantly relate to? Like when you first bit into a candy floss and got covered up in liquidy pink sugar. Or when you walked in while your friend was farting :P. Or maybe, when your best friends covered you in chocolate on your birthday and then later, you sat gulpin down tequila shots. The equation is pretty simple- one memory.

*FYI- smell is the strongest trigger for memories*

My mum dug up all my old, baby-time soft toys, complete with all the headless barbies and torn teddies. Whatte time to show me those teddies, just on their day! How many toys did you have? I had like 16 barbies and then there were Kellys and NOT a single Ken.

(In hindsight, doesnt Barbie need change; is she still not bored of Ken? I mean yes, he is rich and kinda handsome yada yada yada, but STILL.)

So go smell those old books, cuddle the old soft toys. Maybe you’ll find your childhood back.

p.s- i bought an awesome pair of heels!