Way to Love.

Love me. 
Hold me like you’ll hold your heart when it jumps out. 
Hold me tight, hold me warm, hold me close. 
Hold me. Now, tomorrow, for ever.

Touch me, like you’ll touch a glowing spark. 
Wonder, bewilder. 
Believe that this, the thing we have, is and will remain.

Feel my breath, a tinge of coffee and lots of you. 
Feel it linger around you and ultimately engulf you with 
such passion that there isnt time to breathe.

Listen to my heart’s beat. 
Listen to it so closely that you know how i heave. 
Count the droplets of sweat beading.
 And while you do that all of that, listen.

Look at me. 
Look into me. Look with me at what i want to see. 
Look into my eyes, search for reason. 
Look at the lines that go across my hands. 
Take my hand in yours. 
Crush me.

And then, love me all over again.

‘And then…’


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