Wings of Fire

When the world looks down
Upon you and questions
Every step you take
And you feel alone in a dark, lonely room

Know, that you are who YOU are
And that the wings of fire don’t burn
They ignite with a flurry
…to light your way.

When the one you loved
Turns against you
With a thorned rose and
A thousand piercing bullets

Remember, that you must
Part as lovers, not as strangers
In a crowded room
…to be apart, forever and never.

When the foes outnumber the
Ones you trust and you
Stand tall while you
Fall, in front of a million

Keep in mind, that you
Lost to a Brute and your life just began
When your entire legacy rose
…to be a Caesar.

Don’t look back, don’t back down
Look ahead, look afar
Never doubt, never hesitate
Just believe.

And one day, the stars
Will lean down to kiss you
They will lead you to your glory
…to your true destiny
‘The wings of fire don’t burn’


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