Alone/ Lonely

Under the infinite sky, she couldn’t see the azure glow.
She sat, curled up amongst thousand people of this world.
Hugging her knees, she kissed herself.
She felt her lips- cold, wanting, untouched.
She felt her tears- warm, uncontrolled, continuous.
Alone, this world was making her weak.
Lonely, she was, she will be.
Beside the unending waters, she couldn’t count the waves.
She lay down, like a womb, but without its mother.
She touched her finger sans the ring, a shade lighter.
He left her too, they left her to be.
She felt her self- quivering, shallow, and numb.
She felt her tears- determined, untrained, forever.
She walked on, alone, her hand outstretched.
In hope, for someone, who would hold her again.
The canopy of trees couldn’t shadow her melancholy.
The piercing sunlight was distant, far away.
She got up and fell down, not a soul stirred.
She walked off, she tried to stay, and not a thing mattered.
Her life was an obligation- a gift from the Supreme.
A gift, a curse? A gross understatement.
She yearned for a foe to spitefully hurt her.
For then she would know, that she was alive.
That fateful evening, when the clock struck one.
She was left dangling, between life and death.
Gasping she looked around, for light, for life.
But she had done what she had, she couldn’t take it back.
She missed her mark, the balance disturbed.
She shot him instead and her world, crashed.
It wasn’t her fault, she tried to reason.
But the world is miserable, the world is blind.
Not one soul saw the man behind him.
The one she aimed at, the one that should have been him.
Chastised, she trudged, thorns stinging her every move.
She left everyone as everyone left her- alone.
The world spun, and nothing stopped.
She was but a speck in the history of time.
Her life was just one more story, another bygone.
She was just one more person, lonely and alone.

Wings of Fire

When the world looks down
Upon you and questions
Every step you take
And you feel alone in a dark, lonely room

Know, that you are who YOU are
And that the wings of fire don’t burn
They ignite with a flurry
…to light your way.

When the one you loved
Turns against you
With a thorned rose and
A thousand piercing bullets

Remember, that you must
Part as lovers, not as strangers
In a crowded room
…to be apart, forever and never.

When the foes outnumber the
Ones you trust and you
Stand tall while you
Fall, in front of a million

Keep in mind, that you
Lost to a Brute and your life just began
When your entire legacy rose
…to be a Caesar.

Don’t look back, don’t back down
Look ahead, look afar
Never doubt, never hesitate
Just believe.

And one day, the stars
Will lean down to kiss you
They will lead you to your glory
…to your true destiny
‘The wings of fire don’t burn’