They loved each other, still.

The sadness encumbers,
The atmosphere poisoned.
The moments blurred,
The time consumed.

He sipped on his drink,
Neat Vodka, iced.
The walls closed in,
He curled up, sobbing.

He shouldn’t have done it,
Never should have let go.
He messed up.
He knew it as a fact.

The soft, winter touches,
The warm nights sigh.
The silken brown hair,
Her luscious lips so red.

The names she called him,
And the words that annoyed.
The love she offered,
The ‘break’ he gifted.

He shouldn’t have done it,
Never broken her heart.
For it was his own,
The heart that he killed.

The songs she sung,
The lullabies he hummed.
The games they played,
The foreplay on bed.

He missed it so much,
But now she was gone.
She did what she should have,
Moved ahead, moved on.

He repented it now.
But what’s done is done.
She was broken inside,
Her heart, torn apart.

The giggles, the snuffles,
The tickles and ruffles.
The goodnight kisses and loves each morn,
Alas.. this goodbye lasts forever.

But how was he to know,
She loved him still?
How was he to know
They could be together, still?

She lamented her loss,
He cried her death.
They lived for each other,
Who was to tell them?

The last dance, the last wink.
The final wave, that lonely tear.
It’s all in vain, they know not that.
They lived their death all day, each day.

How would they know,
They loved each other still?

They both took their lives,
With each other’s name on their lip.

My heart’s a scar- here we are, there you are/ Mellow tone