The lamenting heartbreaks- for what?

I’m the insomniac and I’m disgustedly sleepy- BUT I have to get this out of my head.
Why in the world DO we ever like-like someone. You know, the eye-fluttering, Oh My Gosh he/she’s cute routine that all of us are so eager to jump off into?

It’s bull shit. Crap. Suicide.
The number of hours we simply waste day dreaming about him (I shall write ‘him’, you suit yourself) when we KNOW he wont like us back. Screw him, go invent a space ship or even better, play Counterstrike or something.
Fact remains, he’s not yours. he belong to that blimey-eyed-doll-faced chick wearing next-to-nothing. He’ll not like you when you like him. No. That is just simply against the laws of boy-hood. Silicon draws ’em more than sweet talk, I guess.

“Jo bhagwan hume naihn de saka, woh hume Doctor de sakta hai”

 And trust me, it sucks to know that you’ll always be Just Friends. Damn you, idiot. I don’t want to be your ‘just freind’. I am ‘just friends’ with girls thankyouverymuch.
Go, drown in your pool of porn.

Boys, I tell you are freaks in there own way, but then why do we still love them and kill ourselves over them- him to be particular. I am just so annoyed. Ugh! I am blabbering. I just hate the fact that I drool over a guy who’s so cute and adorable but so stoned. Not stoned as in doped,
 stoned as in- no emotions.

See, I’m losing my sleep all over again. At first ‘cuz ‘I’ liked him. and now ‘cuz ‘he’ doesn’t like me. Teenage! God’s cruel in His/Her own ways. 
We’re all so bundled up with studies and then added to it the Hormones.
Girls, specifically have a glorious few days to smile about every month (thank you God, again- you rock 😐 ). Then you have all these conflicts with your parents, the relatives with the ‘Oh, tum kitni badi/ lambi/ patli/ sundar ho gayi ho song, the friends who text you incessantly and you just HAVE to reply… Sigh.

Then add the cherry on top of the cake; love with a rolling ‘rrrrr’. Lurrrve.
We draw, sing, write, dream, doodle, drool and did i say dream? Dream about
a) how it would be if he really does like you
                                           b) the proposal
                                      c) the kids.

Yes, omg. I know girls, friends (even boys dream) about kids right down 
to the gender and eye colour! Say that to your X chromosome now.

But still we have Dabangg  heart-on-sunglasses type expressions when we see him. It’s like the best feeling in the world when he touches you by mistake, when his fingers brush yours while he hands over his pen to you, it’s disarmingly adorable when he hugs you to say goodbye, when you’re jealous because your Friends tease him with some other girl, 
when you look into his eyes and time freezes.

We’re suckers for romance when it comes down to all the good stuff. But what about the nasty side of it? When his touch was just a touch, when his fingers brushing yours was a coincidence, when his hug to you was a hug amongst mannnny others, when he actually DID like that other girl (bitch) instead of you, when he stared at you only cuz you have funny hair that time and time only froze cuz the AC was on 16.

Yeah, i know, horrible, isn’t it? and I’ve been through it way too many times now (at least for me). And I’m scared to like people now. I’m scared that I’ll be turned down every single time and that finally my name will end up in the Times Matrimonial column with an Alliance Requested line written underneath. :O

I want love too. And I want the boy to be man enough to admit his love. 
Love, not a boyfriend- I want love. 
I want this life where heart breaks are as impossible as stars in a city sky. 
I want want want. 
I need.

‘As I kick you in your behind’