The Cup of Alone

This is poem is about two best friends. A boy and a girl. 
The girl is very successful in life- with a lot of material pleasure, fame and fortune. 
The boy, however, is not successful professionally, but is doing something that he likes, is passionate about. 
Being a best friend, he can’t be upset or even jealous of the other’s success. 
They’re far away from each other, yet together… and this is the emotional expression 
of the guilt related to jealousy and how this emotion needs to be concealed for them to be friends, forever…

I sit at a distance, brewing in the togetherness of alone.

Bubbling with the guarantee of my destiny unknown.
While you stand and stare at your blissful solitude.

I savour in the bitterness of fame and fortune.
Burnt in the pain of accepting doom.
While you recollect the sweet taste of luck.

A drop of sun peels into my tea, some light!
Photograph memories flashback to my mind.
While both you and I look at the same night sky, the same moon.

There were days of surprises, each with Life as its gift.
I’m still planning on something, just look out for it.
While you and I sit back and breathe, together, a thousand breaths away.

There were nights with a hundred conversations, each with a dream anew.
I’m still there, right beside you.
While we smile at the same thoughts, a thousand dreams away.

I look into my browned reflection and choke a tear.
Scattered, lie, the pages of fate and fear.
While you toast to pride and life itself.

Clouds reassemble in my backyard before being gone.
I sip a broken sorrow from the cup of togetherness, alone.
While you and I live on the same earth, under the vast sky,
With the same hope of togetherness.


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