Life and Breath

You are not mine anymore anyway.
But I cry, silently now.
For I know what I want will never be.
What I need will never be.
I cry silently for you.
For you to just look back this once.
For you to be beside me just once.
I may have been wrong before.
But I know with that I gained much more.
I gained a friend, a midnight bud.
But I lost my love. My only love,
I lost you, I realise with a thud.
And trust me that hurts.
I am sorry, though I shouldn’t.
But I am. For I have sinned.
Not the cardinal type. But I have.
I let you go…
Then, you let me free.
We lost the love together.
I want to re-build it.
But not like this. Not alone.
Don’t leave me like you left me before.
Stay with me, hold my hand…
Hug me, I am your jigsaw.
Kiss me, I am the one.
Smile with me, be my reason.
Hold me, I am for you to hold.
Feel me. I am yours.
Look at me. Be my vision.
Talk to me. Touch my senses.
Bring me the tingles,
Seal my lip.
Sing me songs. I am your rhythm.
Be the music. And I’ll lie in your arms.
You are my light. It’s darkness otherwise.
Be my wings. You are my destination.
Be the cold, so I snuggle into you.
Be the whisper, so I come closer.
Adore me, I am your girl.
Look at me once. And you’ll see it all.
You’ll see how we were.
I’ll love you all my life, until death.
You’ll see that it is meant to be.
You’ll know
You’re my life
I’m your breath.


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