Look, Mamma- it is HIM…

So, Fiance has been complaining that I write about him, but only figuratively. The substance, really, is missing. So, here’s this one.
Just. For. Him.

Rahul. Apart from the Fiance gig and the water bottle incident(s), you and I have spent actually very few moments together. But, that really doesn’t matter. Honest.
You are this tall, monument of a person.
And skinny but despite all that I loOve those arms. Okay, no, I can’t be talking about my physical attraction towrds JUST your arms here, so…

You. I love your english. I wish I had as many words as you. And I’ll never forget all the photographs you’d clicked in Mandarmoni with Shashank. You have some very serious talent stuffed inside you.
You still have’nt given that Heart-photograph of Shashwat and me though. 😦

And, although you’re going to NID* so that you don’t have to study what you dislike*, I think you’ll be good. Really good. Design my house* after our marriage, will you?
And I like those big, jazzy, blitzy weddings by the way. So, be prepared.

Rahul Agarwal. Later in life, when I think of you, I’ll think of the video you took as a memoir, I’ll think of the things you drew (none for me) and, oh well, my bruised bottle. 😛

I’ll think of you. YOU.
Now, smile.
Nice and big…


2 thoughts on “Look, Mamma- it is HIM…

  1. i have so much to saythat i'll just say something trivial and pettyim going to NID, not NIFT (or atleast hoping to)not because i dont like to study, but because i wanna study what i like 😀

  2. Rahul (Not fiance)I tried my best to let you know re. Now, i dont really know you, honestly. In that story of Pankh and Aarohi, I have not really *written about* anyone. I've mentioned the incidents. When i do really come to know you, i'll write about YOU and not what you are good/not-so-good at.It is your turn now, gimme that Thing.

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