The Next Time :)

I’ll bring the heavens closer to you.

If you wanna spread your wings and fly.
I’ll give you up my happiness for yours.
Even though without you I’ll die.

I’ll let you go and chase your dreams.
If that’s the way it’s gonna be.
I’ll let you walk by my shadow.
Even though without you, I will never be Me.

I’ll leave you alone with your sad smile.
If that’s the way you wanna live.
I’ll let you leave me alone and Go.
Even though, for you, I’ll have only love to give.

If you ever come back.
I promise I’ll be more strong.
The next I wont let you go.
The next time I wont go wrong.


One thought on “The Next Time :)

  1. Wow : Is all I can say.I know we dont even know each other and you're probably wondering why I'm going absolutely crazy and posting comment after comment in your blog..but, your posts are just helping me slowly deal with the crisis at hand and I totally relate to every word you've written. 🙂

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