Rolling Stones

With my eyes open, i see. 
With my eyes closed, i sense. 
I feel. I tingle. I watch. 
The senses make me numb, numb to all the unnecessary occurrences 
which get my attention. We choose. We select. We apprehend results and try to perceive. 
Try and guess the results. The outcome of what we performed, 
of what we intended to do and how much it deviated from what we had planned. 
We select suddenly, 
we go for things at random,
 pick out the dress on a whim, 
listen to a song just because we felt like it. 
But we also think over our selections, ponder over the little instances that we call life. 
We imagine situations and prepare ourselves for the future. We try our best to 
arm our vulnerable selves against the traps of the big, but beautiful world. 
Choices make us who we are. 
We decide the choices. 
We make ourselves. 
We build our character. 
And the decisions are guided by the circumstances we are enforced or land into.
Life lives. 
Life teaches. 
Life learns. 
Life guides. 
Life is how i see it. 
Life is what it is meant to be. 
Life is what will be. 
And the choices are a part and parcel of life. 

Choices define the meaning of several things that went un-defined. 
They are how we see the world around us. 
How we would want it to be. 
How we should want to see it. 
They are malleable thoughts, though not predetermined. 
They should be respected. Not shelved up for later. Selections matter. 
Oh! Yes they do. Every word spoken, every movement made, every action acted out.
 Life is, actually, a very well thought-out equation where our only 
task is to balance the right hand side with the left hand side.
And we spend our entire life doing just that. In the beginning, 
balancing food with toys. 
Then, friends with studies. 
Then our job with family…
 it goes on and on.
 And in the end when we are successful enough in balancing 
the two sides, we achieve nirvana. 
We fly.
We bask in the glory of having lived life successfully. 
We enjoy it. 
We seek joy. 
We find happiness. 
We just spread out our hands and let the wind carry us away..
That is how i imagine the culmination. The journey towards the zenith..


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