Will you?

When the heart breaks from within, it’s the worst ever feeling.
Like the time when I wanted to go on a long drive on a rainy day in Shimla, the landslide ruined it. Like the time when I wanted to have an ice cream but my health ruined it. Like the time 
when I wanted to see the TV but the current went off. Like the time when I needed peace and my mind refused to rest. Like the time 
when I liked someone and he refused it.
Very honestly, it just, plain and simple hurts. 
My heart is as strong as its weakest link. My heart beats like yours. 
My world is limited to what you know. My life is as beautiful as you think it is. I am as good as I get and you perceive. So, why do I come across bumps more thank you do? 
Why can I not be like the yellow butterfly that flies across the garden? 
Why can I not be like the beetles on fresh green leaves? 
They are so tiny, so pretty and full of life and purpose. 
Why am not happy-happy? 
It is all so over bearing.
I fall in love and then out of it within a few days. 
Then I doubt if it was love at all. Aah! It eludes me to such an extent 
that I lie awake at nights and dream of a prince charming coming my way until I snap out of the stupidly desirable vision of mine. I mean, which girl wouldn’t ‘take it to her heart’ 
if she doesn’t find her love? I want him, not a white horse, 
but in a Porsche or maybe a Skoda, to sweep me off my feet, shower rose petals on me, give me chocolates and wine and take me out. I want him to be loyal and chivalrous and charming. All in all, I want him.

 I look down upon the days when I cried myself to sleep. 
I’ll hold on to the happy memories, paint over the unhappy ones, and start afresh.

I just want to be happy, loved and free.
For once.
Just this once.

Till then, will you give my the love I need? 
Will you hand me the support I want? 
Will be mine? Will you be a friend and not turn back on me, ever? 
Will you stand with me and see forever go by? 
Will hold my hand when I hold yours? 
Will you stay close to me yet let me breathe free? 
Will you?
Will you care for my heart the way I care for yours? 
Will you surprise me on my birthdays and even when it’s not? 
Will you let me do things for you? 
Will you let me be yours? 
Will you let me be me? 
Will you be my best buddy and still be my critic? 
Will you love me till the door shuts down? 
Will you be my Maguire? 
Will be my valentine? 
Will you be my song and my tune? 
Will you ever understand? 

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