No more. I can’t take it!

I am SO tired of exams. Why? God, why?
Can i not study read know be happy?
Why do I have to know how a DNA is made into 
another DNA with seemingly different properties? 
Why do I have to the stuff that just does not matter to me, 
not right now at least. When i need to know all that, 
I will definitely come back to the books. Or maybe use Google.
So, why does the Board have to make me go through this 
ordeal TWICE in one lifetime?
 Is it not enough that we, the science students, 
have to appear for competitives also?
And get through them?

*swears out loud*
And there I go, back to my books 
and the Biology I once loved like crazy.
– There’s miles to learn before I sleep,
Miles to learn befor I sleep.

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